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Clouds on Strings and Other Fine Things

Clouds on Strings and Other Fine Things

Last week I took a trip to Maine. It was the first vacation in some time where I gave myself permission to be stationary and to relax my mind. Often I need a vacation following my vacation because I’m always going-going-going. That probably has something to do with the ever-nagging fear of missing out on something. What that something is, is completely abstract and unknown… BUT IT COULD HAPPEN! That silly compulsion drives me to keep moving when I should probably stop and savor some of what has already taken place. Being a maniac has its drawbacks.

This vacation-time around I tried to reason with myself. The plan was to fully embrace the notion that to be effective and productive, to be a better version of myself, sometimes I just need to recharge my batteries. So, that’s what I would do. Does that sound ridiculously obvious? Are you thinking, “duh! Of course you do!” Well, sometimes it’s the simple things that I overlook.

And so my relaxy vacation started with staring out the window of a boat. I stood leaned up against the passenger door of my car sharing a muffin with my dog, kid snoozing in the front seat, and the wind dizzying up my hair into a whirling tornado of curls. It felt simple, glorious and wild.

Leaning back and away from the sill of the window it struck me that some of the most beautiful things are surrounded by the ugly, the rusting and the pockmarked. But if you focus on what is at the heart of it all, if you keep your eyes steady and straight ahead, the ugliness falls away leaving you with something lovely.

While I stood there gazing – the clouds looked so low, so fluffy, and so three dimension-y. It was as if they were part of a theater set hanging on strings. If I reached far enough out the window, I’m sure I could’ve cut one of them free and the white puff of cotton would’ve fallen into the water and floated away. But I decided it was best to leave them where they were for the next person to enjoy.

Clouds intact, on we sailed to away.

Everyone Should Sleep in a Castle at Least Once

Everyone Should Sleep in a Castle at Least Once

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This weekend we decided to see how the other half lives and booked a room at Oheka Castle here on Long Island. This lovely grand home is still the owners private residence though it houses 30+ hotel rooms and suites.

fuzzygalore at oheka castle

Me? Sleeping in a castle? Crazy.

Sometimes I feel that I am out of my element in luxurious places or partaking in glamorous things. I’m convinced this idea of unworthiness is a residue of growing up in a low economic rung. One day someone will come bounding out of a broom closet shouting “imposter!” only to pull me out of view with a giant hook.

But, it hasn’t happened. Yet…

fuzzygalore oheka postcard

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, it was quite cold and the grounds were snowy but we still spent some time tromping around to get a look at the house. The best views of the home itself are taken in at a distance. You cannot understand the scale of everything when you’re up close.

Not such a bad place to lay your head for the evening. 

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While Kenny and I sat talking through dinner, we both felt very appreciative of how much our lives have changed for the better over the last 15 years. While we are both just as happy tramping around on our motorcycles and eating in gas stations, the opportunities for things like fluffy robes and sleeping in a castle aren’t too shabby.