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Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

While I was wandering through Pennsylvania in July, I was able to stop and visit some Whispering Giants for the Grand Tour. Though bummed to find the Giant in Williamsport, Pa. had been removed I did strike gold in Akron, Oh., Dunkirk, Ny., and Sharon, Pa.

Sharon, Pa.:

whispering giant - sharon, pa

Unfortunately, the Sharon giant has a significant amount of rot. There has already been extensive repair work to keep him standing.

whispering giant - sharon pa

The whole underside of his nostrils is rotted out and you can see a gap in the tooth area as well. Hang in there, buddy. 🙁

Dunkirk, Ny:

whispering giant - dunkirk, ny

Rotaynah – Akron, Oh:

whispering giant - Rotaynah - Akron, Ohio

Of this Giants that I’ve seen so far, Rotaynah has made the biggest impression on me. He’s been my favorite.

whispering giant rotaynah akron ohio

He’s huge and has a very striking appearance. There has been some repair work on him, so I hope that helps his longevity.

Wouldn’t you know it? Hammy’s Titan Quest Rally in August used Whispering Giants as bonus locations. During the rally I visited 3 more Giants: Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

Chief Little Owl – Bethany Beach, De:

whispering giant - chief little owl - bethany beach, md

Nanticoke – Ocean City, Md:

Whispering Giant - Nanticoke - Ocean City, Maryland

Virginia Beach, Va:

whispering giant - virginia beach va

Some of the Giants that I’ve previously posted about:

Enisketomp in Plymouth, Ma:

This was by far the tallest of the Giants that I’ve visited. I loved his long braids. Read more about my Enisketomp visit.

whispering giant plymouth ma

Enishkeetompauog in Narragansett, Rhode Island:

whispering giant ENISHKEETOMPAUOG Narragansett rhode island

Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, Ma:

My very first stop on the Grand Tour.

whispering giant - Omiskanoagwiak - Springfield, Massachusetts

This brings up my total Whispering Giants visited for the Grand Tour to 9. That’s already better than I thought I would do. I’ve got 2 more that I would like to see (Vermont and New Hampshire) before the Grand Tour ends. I hope I can make it!

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Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh in Dunkirk, NY

Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh in Dunkirk, NY

After visiting the Kinzua Viaduct, I pulled up the list of favorites in my GPS. One of the closest was the Whispering Giant in Dunkirk, NY. At less than 100 miles away, stopping for a visit seemed like a no-brainer.

whipsering giant ong-gwe-ohn-weh dunkirk ny

Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh was restored by Peter Toth in 2014. He cuts a very handsome image there by the shores of Lake Erie.

My hope for the now missing Williamsport, PA giant is that he will also undergo some restoration. Hopefully he hasn’t been discarded. ::crosses fingers::

Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh whispering giant dunkirk ny

Lakeshore Drive
Dunkirk, NY 14048
42.486248, -79.342841

No matter how much I tried to squeeze and shuffle my stuff around, he just wouldn’t fit in my Givi box 🙂

ong-gwe-ohn-weh Dunkirk ny whispering giant

Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh has its own Facebook page. Scrolling through the timeline, I noticed that someone posted photos of what the interior of the giant looked like during its restoration. A neat behind the scenes look:

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Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Williamsport, Pa. Giant is Missing

Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Williamsport, Pa. Giant is Missing

The Williamsport, Pa. Whispering Giant was right up the block from the hotel I stayed at in town. My plan for the day was to swing by, take a picture of it and then head off towards Lock Haven to start a ride loop.

When I pulled up the spot where I’d seen it on Google Streetview there was… nothing.

fuzzygalore at the williamsport pa whispering giant

I parked and walked up to find only the pedestal and plaque remaining. My heart broke a little.

One of my friends who is also doing the Whispering Giant Grand Tour posted a photo of it on Facebook in April, so I knew it hadn’t been missing for long. I was bummed.

missing williamsport whispering giant

Now that I have had an opportunity to search the web, it seems that the Giant was removed in mid-June. I came up a day late and a dollar short on seeing Chief Woapalanee.

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Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Enishkeetompauog and Enisketomp

Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Enishkeetompauog and Enisketomp

On Saturday morning, I rolled Kenny’s Tiger out of the garage and set off for the Orient Ferry on the east end of the Island. My Tiger is in need of a new chain and sprockets. It’s nice to have a “spare” around for just such an occasion. 🙂

The Orient Ferry drops you off in New London, Connecticut on the other side of the Long Island Sound. From there it’s a hop, skip and a jump to visit Enishkeetompauog, the Whispering Giant in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

visiting the rhode island whispering giant

Enishkeetompauog is in good shape considering his age. He was dedicated in 1982. Apparently this statue is stained. I’m not sure that’s common among the other Whispering Giants.

Enishkeetompauog whispering giant Narragansett Rhode Island

While I was standing around checking him out, I became fixated on some type of cocoon or grody to the max egg sack lodged in his right nostril. Poor guy. He’s gonna have a mug full of creepy crawlies pretty soon.

It was before noon when I wrapped up my visit with the big man. My original plan was only to visit the Rhode Island giant but since I didn’t need to be home for any particular reason I zipped over to Plymouth, Massachusetts to see Enisketomp. You know, while I was in the neighborhood.

Enisketomp whispering Giant Plymouth Mass

Enisketomp stands about 30 feet tall to the top of his feathers. He is wonderful. A pair of long braids drape down along the side of his face. I’m so bummed that due to the time of day I visited, he was really backlit. I couldn’t manage to get a great photo of his whole visage. You’ll have to Google him, he’s great to look at.

Enisketomp in Plymouth Mass

So these two fellas make 3 Whispering Giants visited for me. I’m thinking my next stop with either be Williamsport, PA or Laconia, NH. Maybe I’ll flip a coin to see who wins: Chief Woapalanee or Keewakwa Abenaki Keenahbeh.

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Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, MA

Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, MA

On Saturday morning, I hopped on the ferry to head towards Springfield, Ma. to photograph my first Whispering Giant for the Team Strange Grand Tour.

fuzzygalore whispering giant grand tour

My plan was to take a quick zip up the slab to Springfield, 85 miles and then to saunter home.

The giant that I visited is named Omiskanoagwiak, the wolf people – medicine man.

whispering giant Omiskanoagwiak

When you get up close to him, the amount of expression that conveyed through the carved wood is amazing.

Omiskanoagwiak whispering giant springfield mass

All afternoon I was surprised to find that there were still large piles of standing snow and frozen lakes in the Berkshires. As bad as our winter must have been on Long Island, the folks in the mountains must have had it really rough. I’m thankful that spring is finally starting to settle in.

I came home feeling excited about going to visit other giants. I wonder who I’ll get to visit next?

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