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Dear, Aunt Mildred – I’m So Confused About The VOID Rally 10

Dear, Aunt Mildred – I’m So Confused About The VOID Rally 10


Dear, Aunt Mildred-

Long time reader, first time writer.

Today I spent some time trying to plan my Void Rally route. You know, based on the waypoints sent out on Friday? There were over 300 of them in total! Oh, Aunt Mildred, I’m so confused, I just don’t know what to do! I’m like a deer in the headlights. Never before have  I been so unable to zero in on a route that seems right. Not even on my first rally.

No matter what I string together, I feel like my route is so low on points that surely it will be a disaster. I’m afraid that when they see our scores posted all the other riders at the banquet will point and laugh at me.

What should I do?


Hopeless on Long Island


Dear Hopeless,

What should you do? Well you could start by going in to your bedroom, opening up the top dresser drawer and pulling out your big girl panties and putting them on.

Bitch, please. Get a hold of yourself!

So you plan a shitty route and you find yourself at the bottom of the score sheet. Who cares? Did you ride? Did you see stuff you might not have ever visited unless someone said “go here!”? Is there beer at the end?


Well, then – Plan your ride, ride your plan and screw the small stuff like… points. Ride for riding sake and get your shit together, woman!

Yours in Horsepower,

Aunt Mildred
Badass Honey Badger and Dispenser of Motorcycle Advice

Void Rally 10: Preliminary Routing Or More Commonly Known As – Panic Mode

Void Rally 10: Preliminary Routing Or More Commonly Known As – Panic Mode

This morning when I opened my email, there was a message from those rapscallions who run The Void. It was the bonus listing file. Before receiving the full rally book with complete instructions on what to do at the bonus stops, the rallymasters for the Void send out waypoint files so that you can begin basic routing. A few days before the rally, participants are then sent the full rally book.

Boy, I though last year’s Yahtzee theme was puzzling. They’ve outdone themselves this year. This preliminary planning is really shining a light on just how anemic my grey matter has become. ::wipes drool from mouth:: With several layers of time and day availability for combo bonus groupings, I am just about at my limit with being able to keep things straight, even with color-coding waypoints in my mapping software.

I think I just need to draw a square on the map to represent my personal riding boundary and just nickel and dime my way back to the barn in Fredericksburg, Virginia at rally end.

For all those other times I thought I was fighting for the middle of the pack? This time I think I’ll be in a race to the bottom. Oofa.

I haven’t seen my rally flag yet. Hopefully the postal service isn’t being delayed by the nasty weather here on the east coast.

The Void Rally
October 9-10, 2015

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Void Rally 10: Lights, Camera…Speculation

Void Rally 10: Lights, Camera…Speculation

The 2015 24-hr Void Rally 10 doesn’t say much by way of what the theme of the rally will be. As in years past, you are left trying to piece together clues based on tidbits of information that trickle out of HQ. But taking cues from the rally graphic and the text on the event homepage a little speculation is in order.

void rally 10

Captain Obvious would like to weigh in – it appears to be movies and/or TV related. Thank you, Captain.

But… you just never know with this wily Rallymaster. It could just be that you have to appear in all of your own bonus photos or (heaven forbid) a video. The reason I say that is because of this cute little tidbit on the rally homepage:

There will be lights, cameras and ACTION! in this year’s event. You’ll produce your own ride and have the opportunity to be the star of your pictures.

A video might be a stretch but could it be a selfie-rally? Will bonus stops be places that appeared in movies or television or places that inspired a show? My first thought was maybe I’ll get a chance to visit Mayberry or Cooter’s Place. I’ve got my selfie-stick and my Gorillapod at the ready.

We’ve got about 6 weeks to go before the curtain opens.

The Void Rally
October 9-10 2015

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Ride Report: Return from the Edge of Void Rally 9

Ride Report: Return from the Edge of Void Rally 9

I have returned from peering over the edge of the Void 9. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to everyone who followed along on the SPOT and sent words of encouragement. You guys are the best.

The wet weather definitely made for additional challenges. But was I triumphant in my quest? Well, you’ll just have to read the full ride report to find out.

Void Rally 9: Roll Me and Call Me the Tumblin’ Dice

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