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Santa rides a… V-Strom? And Ural? And a Ducati? And…

Santa rides a… V-Strom? And Ural? And a Ducati? And…

…a Kawasaki and a Moto Guzzi and motard… and.. 🙂

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without our Santa Ride. It has fast become one of our most looked-foward-to traditions.

This year Kenny was our lone elf. Weirdo.

Long Island Santa Ride

My friend George turned up on his V-Strom totally decked out like a reindeer. Is that cute or what?!

reindeer vstrom

While we were hanging around waiting to see who would turn up, passers by stopped to take our picture and we got lots of honks and waves before we even set off.

long island santa ride

Just as in years past, the reward for riding around dressed like Santa is how happy and excited the people on the roads are to see you. Making people smile in spite of themselves? Priceless.

Hope you had a very merry Christmas!

The Ural Get’s Dressed for Christmas …and Other Nonsense

The Ural Get’s Dressed for Christmas …and Other Nonsense

The Ural is mostly dressed for the winter. It’s donning its silver wreath on the rack and all is right in the world.

the ural christmas wreath

As it turns out, I had to do a little repair work on the string of wreath lights, though. Check me out being all handy and what-not! 😉

Why are Christmas lights so crappy?

broken xmas lights

On a side note – Kenny also “fixed” the Buddha in the front yard while messing with another string of Christmas lights. Hey, you know how it is. One light goes out? They all go out. (And statuary get kicked across the yard.)

buddha took a size 12 to the face

Santa Clausii Are Coming to Town

This weekend my friends and I are set to head out on our Santa ride. That happens to be my favorite-est group ride of the year. That’s the one where we all dress up as Santa or elves and spread some cheer on the roadways.

It’s always so much fun to see everyone be excited to see the Santas on wheels.

santa and elf in the Ural

It’s been great having a few more people join in on the ride each year. The 1st year, it was just me – a lone wolf Santa. It’s nice to have friends who are willing to do silly stuff.

Pics from our 2012 Santa Ride

Stay tuned for Santa Ride prep and pics coming up this weekend!


Motorcycle Santa Ride 2011- Long Island Style

Motorcycle Santa Ride 2011- Long Island Style

Our Mission: Bring a little Christmas cheer to the people on the roads.

Mission Status: Success.

Santas at the Yaphank Garage

Last year, I hit the road dressed as a lone wolf Santa. But this year,… I’m pleased to say that I had a few friends who decided to join me in spreading good cheer.

GLanterns Santa Ducati 1098

Aside from two-wheeled Santas, our group was two elves strong. In fact, I had my own pillion elf. Chloe braved the cold  to partake in the fun.

Santa and her little elf

It is amazing that something as simple as dressing up in a costume and riding around on your motorcycle can bring so many people happiness. But, it does.

When is the last time you saw a pair of size 12 motorcycle boots like this? They alone are good for a laugh.

Elf motorcycle boots

We decided to take what would normally be the most “un-fun” riding route in town – we headed to where all of the people were. Hell, we even cruised through a mall parking lot. Un-fun? Not this time!

The reactions that we got from onlookers were priceless. Honking, cheers, waves, people taking photos of us – there is no doubt about it, we brought a smile to many faces. I would go so far as to say that we made a few people’s day. I’m pretty proud of that. A simple act brought much happiness.

People taking our picture

At the end of our ride we made our way into Port Jefferson for coffee. The group of us universally decided that it just might have been the most fun ride we’d had all year.

The joy, the happiness, the laughter – it was all so infectious. It really did my heart good.

I can’t wait to go again. I suspect our next ride will pick up a few more Santas along the way, too.

Bringing a Little Christmas Cheer – Santa Rides a DRZ

Bringing a Little Christmas Cheer – Santa Rides a DRZ

Today I took a ride around town on the DRZ dressed up as Santa Claus.

Fuzzygalore Dressed as Santa on the DRZ

It was so fun to watch the reactions from people. Seeing their happiness and the big wide smiles was priceless. Hearing the honking and cheers absolutely made my day. It was a little Christmas fun for everyone.

Santa rides a DRZ Santa rides a DRZ

Unfortunately, my GoPro camera battery died in the first 8 minutes of my ride. So, it looks like I’ll have to go out for another ride later this week to get some video. I’d love to rope some of my friends into donning red suits and coming along. Any takers…?

Merry Christmas to you all <3