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This Ain’t Your Mama’s DRZ – Roman Levin’s Suzuki DRZ Cafe Racer

This Ain’t Your Mama’s DRZ – Roman Levin’s Suzuki DRZ Cafe Racer

This is Roman Levin’s Suzuki DRZ Cafe. You can find more of his work at Full of Hate Cycle Fabrication.
Roman Levin DRZ Cafe Racer Full of Hate

Your thoughts?

Roman Levin DRZ Cafe Racer Full of Hate

I was busy looking at something else when Kenny came sauntering up behind me and said, “Rach, come look at this. Don’t look at the card. Tell me what you think it is.”

“A DRZ?”

Of course, Kenny was amazed at my knowledge. But the truth is, I just looked at the single and the first thing that popped into my head was – why  would he ask me to guess? Because it would be something relevant to my world. And that is the only thumper in my world.

Don’t worry. I’m not getting all smart on you guys 😉

NY IMS – Progressive International Motorcycle Show

NY IMS – Progressive International Motorcycle Show

International Motorcycle Show

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show comes rolling in to New York City on Friday the 20th. I’ll be attending the media event in the morning and will do my best to get some live blogging and tweeting going throughout the day.

If you’re chained to your work desk, you can follow along on Twitter or on my not-so-live blog page for the show.

Who’s got 2 thumbs and is excited? This girl!

Books: Chicks on Bikes by Christina Shook

Books: Chicks on Bikes by Christina Shook

Christina Shook - Author of Chicks on Bikes in New YorkIn January, I had the good fortune of meeting Christina Shook; author of the book Chicks on Bikes when the International Motorcycle Show came rolling in to New York City.

Chicks on Bikes – The Book

Chicks on Bikes explores what it means to be a woman on a motorcycle. Over a period of 10 years, Christina met and photographed a diverse and colorful group of women who all shared a common bond: the joy of riding.

As I read through the pages, the stories that accompanied each woman had something in their experience that resonated with me. But it was a line in the introduction to the book that really struck a chord:

…it taught me a lesson that I learned over and over. Don’t come with preconceived notions, and remember to appreciate all the quirks and contradictions.

What I learned from the book’s 152 pages is that being a woman motorcyclist means – everything. For every woman who feels most at home in leather and grease there is another who can hardly wait to slip out of her riding boots and into a pair of strappy pumps. Gay, straight, fat, skinny, shy, audacious – women who ride are all these things and more.

Christina’s portraits of women on wheels beautifully capture their diversity and their unity in the love of the machine.

Though it may be impossible to fit all women motorcyclists into 1 or 2 neat categories, one thing is for sure – Chicks on Bikes kicks ass.

Chicks on Bikes - By Christina Shook

More Information:

2011 International Motorcycle Show – New York City

2011 International Motorcycle Show – New York City

The 2011 International Motorcycle Show comes rolling in to New York City’s Jacob Javits Center on January 21. I will definitely be attending.

Though I am not in the market for a new bike and I almost never buy anything at the show, I just like to go and look at everything. Observing the many facets of the motorcycle community all in one place is a people watcher’s dream. Love it.

Kenny and I will be hooking up with Soth from Steady on the Humble at the show. What day are you going?

What’s Happening at the HUB?

The HUB offers informational seminars and instruction on a diverse range of topics. I’m particularly interested in seeing:

  • Lee Parks – Advanced Riding Techniques
  • Cristina Shook -Who Are Women Riders Today: A Visual Presentation
  • Jeremy LaBreton – Offroad Adventure Riding
  • Sue Slate – Dual Sport Riding
  • John Colandrea – First Responder: Accident Scene Management

See the full weekend schedule.

Women Ride

The women-specific area is returning to the 2011 show. Need some information on riding gear, learning to ride, or skill building? Feel more comfortable getting guidance from a lady who has been where you are now? This is the place for you.

Read about Women Ride

Friends Strutting Their Stuff on the Floor

The lines at opening time are always long. Buy your tickets online – it makes life easier. The show website has a $4 off coupon.

Chicks On Bikes – IMS After Party 6PM Sunday 1/23

After the close of the show on Sunday night, there is a little motorcycle chick get together happening. Take a peek at Christina Shook’s blog for details. Fear not, well-behaved XY’s are welcome too.

Will I see you there?