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E2E Rally Bonus Stop Planning – Roadside Presidents

E2E Rally Bonus Stop Planning – Roadside Presidents

For the E2E Rally, I’ve been thinking about how I can string together historical markers, monuments and engaging sights to ‘theme’ my bonus stops. We’ve got 6 months to dash around and pick up points. Keeping things fresh will mean that my interest will stay piqued and I’ll be more likely to play through the whole time.

With one of the E2E Rally bonus categories being “Historical Landmark,” I think this app just might help in route planning…

Ridin’ Nerdy – Roadside Presidents

roadside america - roadside presidents appIf you’ve read this blog for more than the last 3 minutes, it may not come as as shock to you that I’m a bit on the nerdy side. I like history, learning “stuff”, roadside attractions, visiting touristy and vintage locations.  I’m always on the lookout for blogs, websites and apps that weave my geeky interests into my motorcycle rides.

I’ve long been a fan of Roadside America. I use their website, iPhone app and have their GPS travel guide on my Zumo. So, it would seem that downloading their Roadside Presidents app for the iPhone would be a natural fit. The Roadside Presidents app gives you the same irreverent slant that their roadside content does – just with a Presidential twist.

Interested in checking out a statue of William McKinley’s VP – Garret Hobart? (Isn’t everyone?) What about the rock where Alexander Hamilton rested his head after being mortally wounded in a dual with Aaron Burr? Right! I bet you didn’t even know you wanted to see such a thing. That’s is precisely why this app is so important 😉

The app uses your phone’s location services to deliver up these delicious (and weird) Presidential road stops. I’m certain some of these places will find their way into my E2E Rally photos.

Maybe they’ll show  up in yours too?

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E2E Rally: And We’re Underway… The First Weekend

E2E Rally: And We’re Underway… The First Weekend

This weekend marked the first full weekend of the Pace Podcast Equinox to Equinox Rally (E2E). As luck would have it, I had the whole day to myself on Saturday so – I went riding.

Out for a winter ride

The Empire State has a long history of being… histor… ? Right. New York is jam packed to the gills with American history. Lots of rich, important, famous and Presidential-type people have lived in, slept in, fought, died and vacationed in the great state of New York. Do you know what that means? Lots and lots of potential bonus points.

When I looked through the E2E bonus list, aside from their point values some of the categories generally appealed to me for different reasons. The big dog on the list for me was “Presidential Library.” Do we have one of those around here? No. Well, actually, sort of.

When I Googled a list of Presidential Libraries I discovered that there are only 13 of them. Wouldn’t you know it? New York has one. Good ole FDR. And as it turned out, it was easily reachable considering I had the whole day free to ride. Yay!

Hyde Park, NY was my focus for the day. If I picked up that stop and nothing else that would have been fine with me. I would get out for a ride, enjoy the sunshine and earn at least 10 points.

Muffler Man – Always a Bonus

After getting off of Long Island and into Westchester, I made a quick stop at the lovely green-eyed Muffler Man in Elmsford.

As I stood there taking a picture I heard the sound of a car horn honking. I turned and looked but the early morning sun glared in my eyes so I quickly turned away when it became apparent I wasn’t about to be mowed down by a car.

Muffler man - Elmsford NY

But there it was again… honk honk…

This time when I turned I was able to see my two friends Pete & Edyta waving at me from their truck.  Whattheheck?!

What were the chances that I would be 75 miles from home, standing in a gas station at 8:30 on a Saturday morning taking a picture of a muffler man and run in to friends? When you consider all of the things that have to align just right to make that happen? Boggles the mind. Small world indeed.  🙂

Sleepy Hollow

Since I was in the neighborhood before continuing on to Hyde Park, I stopped in to Sleepy Hollow, NY. Yes, the town made famous by Washington Irving’s and The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow. Having passed through the area several times before, I knew there were quite a few historical markers around but I specifically wanted to get the Headless Horseman Bridge marker.

E2E Rally - Headless Horseman Bridge Historical Marker

Never Underestimate Your Ability To Screw Up

I took some time to go through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. There are some lovely old  mausoleums, headstones and grave markers all throughout the grounds. Seeing that it was arrowed on the cemetery roadway, I followed the route to the Irving family burial area.

E2E Rally - Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

I also took a picture of the Old Dutch Church. But, as I noted on my rally flag post  you should never underestimate your ability to forget something simple. I took a picture of the Old Dutch Church with my bike and flag and even the church sign which features the year it was built (1685). But… not the church’s historical marker :-/ So I didn’t submit that one for points. Duh.

Finding My Way

The rally rules say that only 1 picture can be submitted for each bonus stop. I’ve found that at times it can be difficult to get the bike, the flag, the bonus ‘thing’ in to a photo and have something like a marker or a date on a stone be readable. I bungled a handful of snaps this weekend that I opted not to submit.

I suspect over time I’ll learn some tricks to get all of the required info in without so much fumbling around.

Hyde Park – Historical New York

By the time I’d made it to Hyde Park to pick up the one bonus I really wanted – the Presidential library, I’d probably already stopped 5 or 6 other times.

FDR Presidential Library E2ERally

Once in Hyde Park, the stops came fast and furious – A Vanderbilt here, a Roosevelt there. And then just like that… I’d done what I wanted to do.

E2E Rally - Vanderbilt Mansion

I put my mind on cruise control and rode past historical markers, town halls, firehouses, post offices, and police stations because I just didn’t feel like stopping. The roads were in good shape, the sun was out and I just felt like riding.

That was until I came to a fork in the road…

E2E Rally - Fork in the Road

Serendipity at Work

I spent the rest of the afternoon just riding along, stopping for things that crossed my path but not really working hard to navigate to anything in particular. There were some really good finds that just happened to be along my route – the giant 8 ball, the turtle rock, a big cow in someone’s yard.

I just kept chugging along, heading south through Connecticut towards Long Island – picking up bonuses along the way.

Final Thoughts

I submitted 34 pictures this week. More than I anticipated considering I just had my mind set on the FDR Library. But, NY is a historical and weird place. There is no shortage of things to see and places to stop even of I never left Long Island.

I wonder what I’ll be able to pick up in my travels when the days are long and the weather warms up?

Riding around looking at things – it’s what I do all the time. That makes these types of rallies a comfortable fit for me. When I’m making a concerted effort to find something or really take my time to look, read and observe something – it makes the ride that much more of a good experience for me.

Ride your motorcycle, learn stuff and see cool roadside statues. What could be better?

E2ERally: Agent Triple-0 Six, Reporting For Rally

E2ERally: Agent Triple-0 Six, Reporting For Rally

I printed out my Equinox 2 Equinox Rally flag last night.

My E2E Rally Flag


I put it on a piece of cardboard, sealed it in packing tape and put the bonus list and email instructions on the back. Never underestimate your ability to forget something simple 🙂

My E2E Rally Flag


These were just some of the things I learned after doing other virtual rallies like Hammy’s SLASHER.

Flimsy paper just won’t cut it if there is a breeze, if there’s moisture and it surely won’t survive the long rally period in my tankbag or Givi box.

Unfortunately I broke my favorite magnetic clip, so I’ll have to find myself a new one of those. Being able to stick your flag to different parts of your bike is a big help.

I’ve been jotting down some of my bonus stops and can’t wait to get rolling!

If you’re doing the E2E – I wish you luck and of course… have fun!

Other Blogger Friends Participating


The Pace Podcast – 2013 Equinox to Equinox Rally

The Pace Podcast – 2013 Equinox to Equinox Rally

The guys over at The Pace Podcast – Chris & James – have kicked off their first photo bonus rally, the 2013 Equinox to Equinox.

Do you like to ride your motorcycle? Do you like taking pictures of stuff?  Well you know what? This rally just might be for you.

It is a loose, honor system photo bonus rally. Register yourself with the guys, get a rider number and then ride around and collect photo bonuses. That is simply taking a picture of your motorcycle and your rally flag in front of the items on the bonus list. Piece o’ cake.


All the sexy people.

Or, nerdy motorcycle riders with a camera and an email account.


The Rally will run from midnight eastern daylight time on March 20th 2013 until 11:59pm eastern daylight time on September 22nd 2013.

Don’t say you don’t have time. We’re talking about two entire seasons to collect bonuses! The bonus list is now available.


Wherever you are.

The Rally page has a listing of bonuses for you to collect that can be found just about anywhere.

How Much:

Free. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

BYO motorcycle, gas, tolls, lodging, food, etc. 🙂

What do you win?

Glory & Fame.

There may be some prizes involved but you’ll have to follow the Rally page for info on that.

The Rules:

If you want to read all of the rules and full details about what is involved, visit the 2013 Equinox to Equinox Rally page at

What do you say?

Are you in?

Rider Triple-0 6, reporting for duty.

my equinox to equinox rally flag


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