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2011 Crotona Midnight Run: The Right Tool For the Job?

2011 Crotona Midnight Run: The Right Tool For the Job?

I get excited about things. It’s just my way. Quite often Kenny has to talk me down off the ledge when my enthusiasm overshadows my good sense. On Saturday I told him that I was committed to doing the Crotona again this year.

Naturally his first question was “what bike are you taking?” When I answered “the DRZ”, he kind of looked at me like, well,… like he looks at me a lot. With the “are you an idiot?” look.

Bless his blonde, little heart, he did have some good points against riding the DRZ. Points that I did already consider. Mainly that I wouldn’t be able to run a full suite of electrics. And of course there is that pesky slab ride to and from the starting line.

“Why don’t you take the GS?” he said in typical deadpan delivery.
In a moment of true luminescent brilliance, I replied :blink:blink: “Uh? I don’t know?”

The Big Bomber

Fuzzygalores Big Bomber - the BMW 1150GS

The GS  (which we call “The Big Bomber”) is like our red-headed stepchild bike. I sometimes forget that I even own it.

Simply put – I do not love the GS.  It’s fine, it works, it’s a tank. It can eat up the miles and keep you comfortable at the same time. You can bolt/strap/tie a shit-ton of stuff on it and ride for a bajillion miles while powering electric underpants, a radar detector, 48 GPSs, a missile launcher and the WOPR.

Even though it looks like a hippo on roller skates –  once rolling it is surprisingly light on it’s feet. BUT… eh. I don’t know. It never found it’s way into my heart and stayed there. Our love affair was brief.

So, Kenny absolutely did have a point. The GS is probably the right tool for the Crotona. I can wear all of my electrics. The highway ride to and from the start location will be a piece of cake. I’ll have plenty of room to attach a light and space to put my route sheet and I won’t have to fill up at the halfway mark to make sure I can get to the end of the ride.

Damn it! I hate it when he’s all sensible and stuff.

The Big Bomber will ride again.

2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Watching the Weather

2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Watching the Weather

Looking at the 10 day forecast for next weekend’s Crotona Midnight Run looks like it could be wet. The good news is that at this point the temperatures are staying in an easily doable place.

Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Do you see weather as partly sunny or partly cloudy? Is a 30% chance of rain a 70% chance that it won’t rain?

Extended Forecast - 2011 Crotona Midnight Run

I began writing this post on morning of  Saturday the 12th. In just 2 day’s time, it looks like my optimism may have paid off! The precipitation looks like it’s moving out. ::whew!:: I’m crossing my fingers extra hard that this weather trend stays the course.

Does this forecast entice any of you locals to participate?

Yonkers Forecast for the Crotona

I’ve heard rumblings of 2 more friends throwing their hats in to the ring. Hopefully I’ll be able to confirm that soon!

So, now I actually have to consider preparing myself to do the ride. I still need a reading light and the ability to stay awake past 1am.

Prelude: The 2011 Crotona Midnight Run

Prelude: The 2011 Crotona Midnight Run

I am a sheer force of…

2011 Crotona Midnight Run Flier
I received my flyer for the Crotona Midnight Run weeks ago. It’s be taunting me from it’s yearly perch on my refrigerator door. You would think that after having done it once, I would have learned my lesson. But, then that would probably be wise. And that is something that I am not.

This morning I realized that I am committed to doing the ride again. I don’t know how it happened. My subconscious mind must be working against me. But here I am. I’m saying it: I’m In.

What Is the Crotona Midnight Run?

The Crotona is a timed road ride in which participants must sustain moving at 30 miles per hour over a course of 120 miles. The full course is broken in to two 60 mile legs, with a 2 hour layover at the halfway mark. The ride starts at midnight, with riders being released 1 every minute.

Throughout the course are random checkpoints, logging your speed. You start the ride with a bank of 1,000 points. Points are then deducted from your score based on what time you arrive at the checkpoints along the route. Points are deducted at 2 points for every minute early, 1 point for every minute late. You must make all checkpoints.

Midnight to 6:00am in the freezing cold. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?

The ride is held by the nice folks at the Ramapo Motorcycle Club.

Which Bike to Use?

I’ve tentatively decided to use my DRZ to do the ride. It seems like I would be most comfortable in terms of feeling sure footed on the DRZ. Of course when there is a potential for black ice, that would all be an illusion, anyway.

DRZ Pros:

  • Least emotional commitment to throwing it on the ground
  • Easiest to pick up after throwing it on the ground
  • Suits 30mph on the street just fine

DRZ Cons:

  • No electrics
  • Headlamp like a Bic lighter
  • No electrics

Do I have other bikes that might seem like a more logical choice to use? Yes. The idea of not having electrics is the only thing that scares me. Seeing temperatures that will dip into the teens is what I find most troubling.

Now I just have to work out a route sheet holder, light to read it and how to best keep myself warm without plugging in. Wish me luck!

Crotona Midnight Run – 2007 Edition

You can read about my last foray into the freezing cold world of the Crotona Midgnight Run through these posts from 2007. I’m still of the same frame of mind as I was then. I don’t want to win. I just want to finish the ride. Though getting a trophy is kind of nice 😉

Fuzzygalore 2007 Crotona Midnight Run
4am at the 2007 Crotona Midnight Run

So – Who’s With Me?

Will you be there in Yonkers for the midnight key time?

Crotona Midnight Run – Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Crotona Midnight Run – Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Tacked to the door of my fridge is the flier for the 2010 Crotona Midnight Run. When it came in the mail, I really had no intention of doing the ride again. I just opened it up and stuck it there on the door for reasons unknown.

With the ride approaching next month, local motorcycle forums are a-buzz with chatter. Gung ho crazies are excitedly saying, “I’m in!”  and “You should do it!” and then there is, “It’s fun!”

I don’t know. I understand the appeal completely. And then again, I also understand how unappealing it is at the same time. I just can’t seem to commit to doing it again right now. I mean, I got a trophy last time. How can I possibly do that again? Unless of course no other women show up. 😆

Each time I go for a drink, each time I walk by, each time I make lunch; there it is taunting me  – “Girlie Men Need Not Apply.”

Girlie Men Need Not Apply - Crotona Midnight Run
2007 Crotona Midnight Run: Epilogue

2007 Crotona Midnight Run: Epilogue

So, this Saturday we came home to a box waiting for us at the door.Inside it was…


Crotona Midgnight Run Trophy
A Testament to my Awesomeness

Thank you, thank you.
Please… no, really.
You’re too kind.
Please, hold your applause.

That’s right, folks. In a class of 2 lady rider-participants, I apparently DOMINATED! Ha! In your face! 😉

So there you have it. I am the High Point Female of the Crotona Midnight Run 2007. I’m happy with my results; I finished in the top 15 overall. I’m thinking about mounting the trophy as the emblem on the hood of my car. Too much?

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