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Throwback Thursday: Fog at the Top of Timmelsjoch, Austria

Throwback Thursday: Fog at the Top of Timmelsjoch, Austria

In 2010, Kenny and I flew to Italy to meet up with our friend Pimmie and do some riding in the Alps. Our travels took us through the mountains of Italy, Switzerland and Austria. That trip still looms large in my mind as one of the most personally meaningful adventures I’ve been on. Travel changes you.

While in Austria, one of the passes we rode was Timmelsjoch (Passo del Rombo) not far from Innsbruck and on the way to the Dolomites.

fuzzygalore on timmelsjoch austria

Sadly our trip across the wiggly ribbon was ensconced in fog and rain. But, I suppose that is all part of the adventure.

pimmie on timmelsjoch

We’re going to be heading back to play with Pimmie in the Alps this year. I’m excited that our friend Ed will be joining us, too. Just think of all the Throwback Thursday posts! 😉

Throwback Thursday: Quit Whining, Go… or Don’t

Throwback Thursday: Quit Whining, Go… or Don’t

When I first met Kenny, we were both sportbike riders. We’d go out on long day rides in search of full lean and speed and get up to shenanigans we had no business getting up to. But, it wasn’t long after we’d met that our interest in strictly hooning around changed. The desire to get out of our comfort bubble and explore started to worm it’s way in. We’d managed to find a partner in each other who was willing to move at a familiar, comfortable pace and had a willingness to take a leap of faith.

As we started kicking around trip ideas, we never balked because we both rode sportbikes. Those were our bikes. If we wanted to travel, that’s what we had to travel on. Go or don’t, those were our choices.

So, we went…

ninjas in tennessee There were ninjas in Tennessee. ::karate chop::

At over 6ft tall, Kenny would fold himself up on his little 636 and ride hundreds and hundreds of miles. Yes, stops to stretch his legs were welcomed but the excitement of being out in the world trumped the discomfort.

Traveling on a sportbike was a no whining zone. It always came back to the same thing. Go, or don’t…

foggy blue ridge

Over time things have changed. We’re both on much more travel-friendly motorcycles these days. Even so, when I think back there was something sweet, some pleasure in the pain of those early road trips with Kenny. It was just us against leg cramps and sore bums and we won the battle.

Throwback Thursday: Pitstop at Yellowstone Lake

Throwback Thursday: Pitstop at Yellowstone Lake

In 2005, Kenny and I spent some time visiting Mt. Rushmore. It was something I’d always wanted to see. We did very little planning for the trip. With little more than a few scribbles on paper, we threw our clothes in our bags and set off. At that time in my life, I was much more apt to say “Yeah, let’s go!” at the drop of a hat. These days it seems like I’m a little slower on the draw.

While in the neighborhood, we decided to swing over to Yellowstone National Park. It seemed like a good thing to do since we didn’t know if we’d ever pass that way again. And as it turns out, we haven’t been back since. Maybe it was a smart decision after all?

Kenny’s black Speed Triple was brandy-new then. If memory serves, it had just crested it’s break-in mileage right before we set off. My old ’98 6R was just happy to be along for the ride.
stopping at yellowstone lake

Throwback Thursday, popular on Twitter and Instagram is a great opportunity to dig back throw old photos and take a walk down memory lane.

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