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Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

While driving to work, I was thinking about some of the questions that I have been asked as a result of writing this blog. When you read a personal blog with any regularity, you develop an impression of the author. You build an idea of what they’re like based on your interpretation of their writing. A type of friendship -perceived or otherwise- can begin to develop. And yet there are some things you just don’t know because there is the barrier of everyday reality between you. But, you’re curious.

Sometimes I’ll get a question via email with an opener like “I was wondering…” So, now I’m wondering if other people are wondering something. I thought I’d open myself up to questions and make a vid of my non-expert answers. Maybe you have questions about travel, roadside stuff, maybe you just want to hear what I sound like, whatever. It’s not limited to motorcycles – I’m game for anything. I understand that this could terribly wrong but… eh, we’ll see what happens. 🙂 Here’s the comment form. Ask me anything.

(It’s not hard to leave a fake name/email if you’re shy but curious about “why I’m such an asshole.”)

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