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Whispering Giant: Sequoyah of North Carolina

Back in 2015, I participated in the Whispering Giants Grand Tour. It was an awesome push to get out for a ride. It was exciting to see these fantastic carved Giants. Each one has so much character. Though the grand tour has long since passed, I still stop to see the giants when one is …

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Whispering Giant: Chief Woapalanne of Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Meeting Whispering Giant Chief Woapalanne, at last! Last week I stopped in the town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania to see the Whispering Giant, Chief Woapalanne. He was taken out of commission from his original perch in the summer of 2015 due to rot. Thankfully, a rescue effort was mounted and the Giant was restored. Following a tweet …

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Unfinished Business: The Williamsport, Pa. Whispering Giant – Woapalanee

In 2015, I took part in the Team Strange Whispering Giants Grand Tour. The tour brought riders around the country to visit Peter Wolf Toth‘s beautifully carved statues depicting local Native Americans. Wacinton in Paducah, Kentucky – October 2015 When I reached Williamsport, Pennsylvania in July 2015 to visit the Giant Woapalanee that was installed in …

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Whispering Giants Grand Tour: Wacinton of Paducah, Kentucky

When I pulled up at the edge of Noble Park in Paducah the word “Wow,” escaped from me. Even though it was the 10th Whispering Giant I visited, I didn’t expect how striking his appearance would be in person. Having seen Wacinton in photos from other grand-tourers I knew that I had to see him, too. His sheer …

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Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

While I was wandering through Pennsylvania in July, I was able to stop and visit some Whispering Giants for the Grand Tour. Though bummed to find the Giant in Williamsport, Pa. had been removed I did strike gold in Akron, Oh., Dunkirk, Ny., and Sharon, Pa. Sharon, Pa.: Unfortunately, the Sharon giant has a significant …

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