My Triumph is an Old Dude Magnet

My Triumph is an Old Dude Magnet

Today while I was stopped to see what Terri was up to, someone pulled up behind where I was standing.

“I was hoping you’d stop. I followed you all the way from over by the highway.”

For the record, that was like 10-miles.

“I had to come talk to about that Triumph. Always loved British bikes.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time I’ve been followed on the Bonnie. It happened to me last year in West Virginia, too. Some older gent wanted to talk to me about it.

Now, I come from a place that isn’t very neighborly. I’m not even sure I’m what you’d call friendly. I’m from the land of suspicion and keep-to-yourself-ness. So these types of interactions while not alarming, do surprise me. Are they a common occurrence? Do I just seem non-threatening? Does it happen to men? Is it just something old dudes do?

Aside from being followed, the Bonnie always garners comments from older men. It must help recall fond memories of younger days.

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  1. I have always been impressed at how the Hinckley Triumph’s have managed to stay current technologically and still retain the original styling. This just affirms it.

  2. Hmmm. Imagine being so free you can just follow someone for 10+ miles on a motorcycle, hoping they’ll stop so you can ask about it. It does seem a little weird, but I’ve learned to just stop asking questions and embrace the weirdness.

  3. Not everyone lives in the land of suspicion. So there’s that.
    When I’ve traveled with friends and someone is riding two up, people seem open and come up to talk readily whereas if its just guys, not often.
    And that Triumph is a looker!

  4. Unless you wear a tonne of pink floral gear, the guy probably had no idea you weren’t a dude when he started following you, so my guess is, he really was creeping on the bike not the rider. Nostalgia gets people that way…

  5. I get stopped all the time by guys and gals gawking at my Heritage. I use it as an opportunity to pop the questions “Do you ride?” and “Why not?”. Motorcycles are great conversation starters.

  6. I’m one of those old Triumph dudes. Bought a wrecked 500 back in the 70’s, fixed it up and rode the heck out of it. Ended up selling it to pay for baby furniture when my first son was born. Now I love my boys, but just saying…

  7. It does seem a bit odd that someone would follow you for 10 miles to talk about the Triumph. Even odder to me that they would admit to following you that far.

    I seldom have someone approach me on the Vespa. Or in life for that matter. My wife says I look scary. When we were dating I remember being in Ithaca, New York on the street and I walked up to her while she was talking to a Rainbow Gathering guy. He stopped when he saw me and just moved away. A bit later she caught up with him and he told her he thought I was a DEA agent. I always thought I was an old hippie. Guess there’s a big gap in perception.

    I wish I was more engaging with people on the road. And they with me. The only time it happens is when I am stopped taking a picture. It is common for people to slow down and ask if I need help. Then they see me…

  8. Wait a minute…I think I resemble that remark! I’m an old man and I like Triumphs. Actually, people approach me when I’m on my Triumph Scrambler also so I think there is a definite fondness for the brand that takes some people back to a different time. Hope you are enjoying the ride.

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