Alpina Tubeless Spoked Rims for the Bonnie

Alpina Tubeless Spoked Rims for the Bonnie

[This resurrected post has been sitting in my drafts folder for over a year]

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of ordering a set of tubeless spoked rims for the Bonnie. Toying isn’t the right word. I’m riiiiight on the edge of submitting the shopping cart. Just from a practical standpoint, the idea that I could plug my tire would be such a relief. Especially since I’d like to take the little lady on a multi-day road trip. It would ease my mind.

I don’t know why I’m even carrying on with the charade. I’m just delaying the inevitable.

Fast forward one year:

It should come as no surprise, that I did buy those dang Alpina rims and they’re now on the Bonnie. It was a long road to actually get to this place, though. Once I ordered them, it took months for them to arrive for various reasons. Then they sat in my dining room for a while. And then, saddest of all, the Bonnie sat in the garage for a few more months on it’s new fancy rims. It’s just now that I’m finally riding the Bonnie again.

To the onlooker, the news rims don’t really appear any different, save for the anodized blue hubs. And that would only be apparent if someone had really been paying attention. I didn’t want to go flashy, I just wanted to keep the same basic characteristics of the bike.

Other than some around-towning, my trip coming up this week will be their first long distance voyage. Here’s to hoping an ounce of prevention goes unneeded. ::knocks wood::

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  1. I’ve got OEM tubeless spoked wheels on my Super Tenere and I’ve picked up a nail twice. Plugging was quick and easy, and my small compressor did the trick. If you don’t carry a compressor or other means of adding air, then don’t remove the puncturing object until you are at an air source.

  2. My KLR has OEM spoked wheels that require tubes. I carry the tube-designated slime and a mini air compressor. Plugging would be much better…but the KLR being old school…
    Your rims look great.

  3. I’ve carried an Aerostich plugging kit complete with CO2 cartridges in my Vespa for 10 years and so far have never needed it. Recently purchased a a Slime pump to add to the mix. Hopefully karma doesn’t bother with the prepared riders…

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