Someone Around Here Is Losing Their Marbles

Someone Around Here Is Losing Their Marbles

This week, I’ve succumbed to some kind of debilitating caboose infection. Is it a coincidence that I slept in a caboose last weekend and am now sick? Of course not! While laying out the obvious facts of my case to my hubs, Kenny, he has been dismissively skeptical. Blah, blah, you just have a cold, blah-blah. Right. A cold. Clearly, there is something more nefarious at work here that he is being willfully ignorant of.

It all started with soreness in my throat and fits of sneezing but progressed from there. My head has felt like it’s been in a vice all week, I can’t breathe, I’m feverish and so very tired. It feels like I’m awake but not quite – like I’m a zombie. Doesn’t that sound more like I was bitten in the night by some train car ghost hobo than a garden variety cold? I mean, come on!

Last Sunday morning when I awoke from my caboose-induced slumber, my left wrist joint hurt terribly and continued to be problematic all week. There were 364 other mornings in the year to date when I woke up without pain in my wrist. What was different about that morning?! Caboose.

You see what I’m dealing with here?

While at lunch during the week, Mr. Funny, smugly snickered at his own joke when he asked me if I had plans for this weekend, like maybe sleeping in a cement mixer or something. And while I shot him the evil eye on principle, I wondered how the average person would even be able to get inside the barrel to lay down. I think someone is losing their marbles. Am I right?

I get this look a lot.

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  1. I also was infected! I rode to Bisbee AZ and slept in a haunted hotel! Something wicked is afoot! Coincidence? I think not!

  2. I used to think you had a motorcycle blog but fell prey to your ruse — you actually have a comedy blog masquerading as a motorcycle blog. You make us laugh and then we keep coming back.

  3. If you rode your motorcycle, consider where you may have put your helmet in the ‘boose. Disinfect!! Alcohol the crap out of that thing! Secondly, you were in that petting/feeding zoo with fuzzy furry critters and disease spreading kids. But my bet is that your exposure to those critters is what your breathing apparatus is objecting to. Benedryl and some fresh air (hint to go ride) is your cure. Feel better.

  4. You found a place where you can still ride on the power line trails? I thought that was a thing of the past. I used to live around the block from a giant sandpit off Woodchuck lane. I’m sure that’s a development now.

    1. I’ll just say there is no legal
      Off-road riding on Long Island unless you know someone with large tracts of undeveloped land and leave it at that.

      There is still a huge sandpit by woodchuck. There is a green belt trail that runs through it from 112 over to 25a by the e setauket Post
      Office. I used to run that regularly and **may** have ridden in there a few times before the trail was completed. Now, during the summer the sandpit has tons of sand hornets!

      1. Wow I can’t believe its still there, it was a functioning when I moved in. Eventually we got arrested by a cop stuck in the sand but that’s a long story.

  5. A cold is always the go to diagnosis by the weak-minded — doctors and otherwise. But those far wiser consider all the circumstances. Dr. House would have had his minions pour over that caboose. And Fox Mulder would have been seriously inquiring about the hobo ghosts who may have taken more advantage of your sleeping self than you realize.

    It’s difficult living in a world with so many people with no imagination…

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