Low and Slow, The Way to Go

Low and Slow, The Way to Go

Thanks to my inseam, for the most part, I can ride any bike. Some with more comfort than others but the possibility is usually there. Though it’s not really the riding but rather the stopping where things can get weird. It is true that I do often tippy-toe. Over time I’ve developed varying degrees of comfort with that depending on the bike. Weight, the center of gravity, width of the tank – all of that stuff plays in.

I’ve tried to convey to my tall drink o’ water husband what a relief it is to be able to wheel around something low-slung like the Bonneville. Things like:

  • Being able to pull over on any roadside without fear of toppling over because you don’t have good footing is a joy.
  • Being able to get on or off of it without calculation.
  • NOT having to think about where to park.
  • Putting both feet completely on the ground… at the same time!

Though compensating for your lack of stature becomes second nature, when you don’t have to do it you become acutely aware of how wonderful that is.

Low and slow is the way to go! (for now 😉 )

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  1. I often get slammed for suggesting to people that they should be riding a bike that is more suited to their physiology rather than their preference. Sure, just because you can ride any bike you want and prefer doesn’t mean you should. Part of being safe on a motorcycle is not having the fear of falling over if you come to a stop. Although I possess simian proportions and an inseam of a stilt walker and CAN ride any bike AND flatfoot them at stops, I still prefer to go low and slow. The CG of your bike is lower and makes it easier to handle, raises confidence and mental comfort level and thereby eliminating fear. Stick with the Bonnie, it can do anything you need it to.

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