Travel Inspiration in a Cup o’ Coffee

Travel Inspiration in a Cup o’ Coffee

You never know where you’ll find inspiration to get out and see good stuff! πŸ™‚

The Blue Whale
Route 66
Catoosa, Oklahoma

The Gemini Giant
Route 66
Wilmington, Illinois

Tall Paul
Route 66
Atlanta, Illinois

6 Replies to “Travel Inspiration in a Cup o’ Coffee”

      1. 10 is not even a serious collection. I was at an estate sale recently where there were dozens. All roosters and lighthouses.

        1. No, i definitely dont collect them. I’m also the only one who drinks coffee at home. sometimes i’ll pick one up if i see something while i’m bumming around but I’m generally trying to simply my life not add more junk πŸ˜€

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