I’d Like to Go To: The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

I’d Like to Go To: The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine has been a place that I’ve wanted to visit for many years now. Maybe 2016 will be the year that I finally make the ride up to see the stripey lighthouse. It sits in the eastern-most corner of the United States. That’s kind of neat – to go as far as you can within our borders.

While looking at some of the lighthouse pictures on Flickr, it seems like Lubec might be a good area for me to finally get to see the milky way, which I’m slightly obsessed with. Have you seen it?

I wish I had some insight in to what it is that I find so appealing about lighthouses. Perhaps it has something to do with their strength, silence, ability to weather fierce storms, and shining a light in the dark for people to find their way. The buildings and the people who manned them were made from strong stuff.

Maybe, just maybe later this year you’ll see a picture of me waving from in front of that red and white striped tower. Dream it, do it. Right?

West Quoddy Head Light

This post is part of a 29 posts in 29 days blogging challenge hosted by Kathy at ToadMama.com. Today’s writing prompt: Name a place you want to visit this year. Why?

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  1. You can do it!

    I was hoping to see that lighthouse when I drove to Maine back in 2008. I think that’s the year. But I was having so much fun plodding around, doing my own thing, not rushing, that I ran out of time. I’ll get back up that way one day. Like on my way to Nova Scotia.

    As for the Milky Way, we could see it from the WV Place. I remember the first time I saw it thinking how weird it was that the stars looked so clear but the sky was kinda fuzzy at the same time. And then it dawned on me what I was seeing. It was really cool. Not just seeing the Milky Way, but seeing the stars in the night sky with such clarity.

    We can see a lot more stars here in town than we could at our Maryland house, but nowhere near as many stars as we could see from out near Romney. I miss my little patch of woods, but not the maintenance. LOL.

    1. that’s pretty awesome! did you see any color variation in the sky?

      i think i read that it takes like 30 minutes for your eyes to really adjust and be able to see deep darkness.

  2. If lighthouses really light you up (pun intended), you might be interested in the Ironbutt Association Lighthouse tour. I believe the basic requirement is to visit and document 60 lighthouses in one year.

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