Instagram: Are You Still Watching Over Me?

Instagram: Are You Still Watching Over Me?

On Saturday morning when we left on the ferry the Sound was rolling. The weather was saying 7-foot swells. That seemed like a lot for the usually fairly calm water.

When the boat left the harbor into the open water I began getting sweaty and a most unwelcome nausea began to descend. As someone who can get queasy on a swing, it was going to be a long hour.

I tried to muster some strength, steady my stomach and keep myself calm in the cabin of the ferry. Instead a wave of panic came over me. It was that “uh oh, I’m gonna toss my cookies” panic. The one where you just want to get out of your own skin.

I wobbled my way towards the restrooms and stood there hoping I wouldn’t have to make use of them. A crewman walking by looked at me and started to chat with me. He encouraged me to go outside, stand on the deck of the boat and look to the horizon.

Immediately I was transported back to being a kid. My dad took me on a deep sea fishing charter off the coast of the Jersey shore. It was terrifyingly rough. It seemed like everyone on the boat was sick. My dad, who was unfazed, sat on an outside bench with me, arm around me and told me to look to the horizon.

Were you with me today, Dad? Are you still looking out for me?

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  1. How beautiful! I’m so glad you found calm in the turbulence. And I feel certain your Dad is watching over you in every step.

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