Instagram: My Husband’s Italian Girlfriend

Instagram: My Husband’s Italian Girlfriend

I was just watching the hubs messing with his Italian bird outside. He said, “can you believe she’s 18?” Under normal circumstances, this would have been a weird conversation but such is motolife. #barelylegal 😏

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  1. RS2fitty
    One of the very few bikes that has always been on my “someday” bike list.
    It’s an evil list that resulted in a pristine 03′ slime green Speed Triple in my garage.

    RS….. Someday…

    1. Roulette Green is GLORIOUS! I had an 05 Speed Triple that was offered in several colors but not that one and that made me sad. When the color returned to the S3 a few years later… my heart went pitter-patter. LOVE IT.

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