Commuter Tales: Makin’ It Rain Up In Here

Commuter Tales: Makin’ It Rain Up In Here

After work on Wednesday, I decided to take the long way home. On the way I would swing by the parks office to pick up my packet for this summer’s run series.

To get there, I had to take the Sagtikos Parkway or the Sag as it’s known locally. It’s a 2-lane in each direction connector that brings you to the Southern State parkway. That’s on the south side of the island. Clever name, right?

As I merged on to the Sag the two columns of traffic were going slow but moving. The traffic shuffled along at about 30mph.

About a mile before my exit for the Southern State, a motorcycle was revving somewhere close by. I couldn’t see him in my mirror but I heard him. It wasn’t long until Gixxer-guy made his presence known by exploring the rev limiter and threading up the center line through the traffic.

Now, I have no issue with lane splitting as a concept. It isn’t legal here in NY though I have done it many times. But I think there is a right and a wrong way to do it. (Hypocritical 101: Even though we aren’t “supposed” to do it at all. ) Lanesplitting at 50mph through 30mph moving traffic probably isn’t necessary. Picky, picky. I know. It’s times like that I just need to mind my own business and only worry about what I’m doing.

Unfortunately for the rider, who was wearing a backpack and apparently didn’t know it was unzipped – as he rode by the traffic he was showering dollars out of his bag. I couldn’t tell if they were ones or twenties or what, but the unmistakable sight of greenbacks fluttering on the wind trailed behind him as he tore out of sight.

No doubt that would be a rude awakening when he got to wherever he was going.

4 Replies to “Commuter Tales: Makin’ It Rain Up In Here”

    1. I frickin’ hate seeing people throw stuff out of their car windows :-/

      windshield asher fluid is another “rain” that seems to happen to us.

      There was no way for me to get any of the bucks. Someone tasked with picking up garbage on the median and shoulder will have a nice surprise one day

  1. Stereotype or not, I agree with Richard: Obviously, that rider was fleeing the scene of a crime–maybe running funds to some prison escapees?… Just sayin’.

    On another note: Lane splitting at a speed unnecessarily faster than the surrounding traffic AND in a state where lane splitting is illegal… Doesn’t that just furnish drivers with a reason to hate on riders and to act aggressively toward them?

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