2014: To-Do List Achievements

2014: To-Do List Achievements

In 2014, I was able to tick a few of the things that are on my life’s To-Do List. Some of them were chance, some took planning but every one of them was great.

Making a list and following through on it is so much more than just the gamification of traveling for me. Seeing or experiencing something you’ve daydreamed about or worked towards stays with you long every you’ve left.

These are some of my favorite To-Do List achievements from 2014.

Aiguille du Midi

Can you think of a better way for someone who is scared of heights to spend the morning than riding a cable car tram 12,000+ feet up to walk around on a platform at the top of a mountain? Yea, me neither.

Did I ever tell you about that time I went to the roof of the world?

fuzzygalore and the crew at the top of aiguille du midi

Great St. Bernard Pass

You could say that I had some sort of a “moment” on the Great St. Bernard. For months following our trip to the Alps, I have felt some type of shall we say residue of feeling like I’m aching for a deeper meaning and better use of my time.

fuzzygalore great st. bernard pass

Col De L’Iseran

This pass ended up on my list after seeing photos of the sign when researching a trip. For whatever reason, the blue letters stuck in my mind and I decided that I must see it for myself. And… wow. It was a spectacular ride!

fuzzygalore on col de l'iseran

Furka Pass – Switzerland

When Kenny, Pimmie and I were in the Alps in 2010, we skipped the Furkapass due to time and weather issues. That always bothered me. Our intent was to go back and ride it “later” but as the day unfolded, later became 4 years later. Saving things for later is a dangerous business.

Our 2014 trip allowed us to give the gorgeous roadway a whirl not once but twice. I just loved it!


Umbrail Pass


HR Giger Museum and Bar

As an art lover and someone who has been interested in shall we say, dark imagery – the visual language and landscape that H.R. Giger created has long intrigued me.

With two Giger bars in Switzerland, I just had to try to find a way to squeeze a visit in to one of them. We opted for the one Giger’s hometown, Gruyeres which is also home to the Giger Museum. He had a truly fascinating mind.


Visit the Shell-shaped gas station – Winston-Salem, NC

In 2013, I put the shell-shaped gas station on my roadside wishlist after reading about in a book that I’d received for Christmas. I didn’t make it there that year.

By a stroke of luck, it turned out to be one of the bonus locations in the 2014 Void Rally 9. And, it was a natural fit for my planned route! I was very excited to be able to stop and see it. Sadly by the time I got there it was at about 9:00 at night and as it turned out, in a not so great neighborhood. I didn’t linger as long as I would’ve liked to. Something tells me I’ll pass that way again, one day.

fuzzygalore shell shaped gas station

Here’s to more dreaming and doing in 2015!

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  1. What a wonderful recap of 2014.
    Makes mine look like “chopped liver”….Just saying!!!
    So glad you were able to make it back to areas you wished you had gotten to ride.
    I am in love with the Shell shaped gas station.
    Heres to 2015…to Infinity and beyond!!!!
    Happy New Year

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