Sunday Night Wrap-Up – Hello, Fall. You Stink.

Sunday Night Wrap-Up – Hello, Fall. You Stink.

Since I haven’t ridden my motorcycle this weekend, I don’t have any new fabulous trips or rides to write about. But, strangely enough I do have some old fabulous trips that somehow got shoved on to the backburner. It’s been a busy autumn.

fuzzygalore and friends at stelvio pass

This week I got a few more postcards from blog readers. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to send me these cards. You probably don’t realize what a ray of sunshine they are. It blows my mind that there are people out there, going about their day who will stop, buy a card, fill it out and send it to me. In nearly every case, we’ve never met. I could be some creepy psycho and yet you roll the dice and send me a happy greeting anyway. (I’m not a psycho. But, you’d never know because every creepy psycho would say that. Oh man. What if maybe I am a creepy psycho and don’t even realize it? Shit.)

fuzzygalore postcard

My handsome and wonderful better half spent the weekend doing the Hammer Run in south Jersey. I opted out for this event. When he called me yesterday the first words out of his mouth were “If you were here riding this with me today, you probably would have divorced me.” Sounds… great? I’m glad I missed it. We were pummeled by rain and cold yesterday making the singletrack challenging, I’m sure. Hearing that makes me happy to have been home sipping coffee and watching horrible movies. (Magic Mike. Don’t judge me.)

fuzzygalore heading home from meteor

I did the Meteor Dualsport last weekend. That will be my last organized ride event for 2014. There is something sad and final about typing that out. Between the cold weather that has muscled it’s way in and the pesky daylight savings time making it dark at 5:30pm, I can officially say I’m not read for this time of year yet!

Hope you had a good weekend (what did you get up to?) and are on target for a good week ahead. Only 5 more days until Friday!

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