Hello, Sexy! Is That a Banana in Your Pocket…

Hello, Sexy! Is That a Banana in Your Pocket…

Yes. Yes, it is. But I’m still happy to see you!

banana in your pocket

A lot of people talk about how hard it is to find quick, convenient food that’s good for you when you’re traveling. I suppose that could be a symptom of only stopping in places like convenience store or gas stations when you’re focused on riding.

Bananas seem to be my safety net. Cheap, easy and readily available just about anywhere these days.

And… they beat the hell out of gas station sushi.

(don’t bother viewing past 10 seconds)

Do you eat crap food when you’re out riding?

5 Replies to “Hello, Sexy! Is That a Banana in Your Pocket…”

  1. I tend to eat salty crap but I will grab a banana. They’re nutritious and tasty.

    Aerostich used to put fake products in their catalog as a joke. Once they had a listing for a plastic banana-carrier.

  2. I have a plastic banana carrier saves them getting bashed and bruised, bought it when our daughter was small, for her to take in her school lunch, as she wouldn’t eat a bruised fruit.

  3. I bought one of those plastic banana carriers from Aerostich a few years ago as a gift for my secretary, who brought a banana to work every day. Maybe I should’ve boxed it first; it looked a little strange sitting on her desk gift wrapped.

  4. Sausages and strickly other dried meats are the only thing I eat when on the road. Sopressata, capicola and gas station jerky when I’m out.

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