Throwback Thursday – A Dusty Virginia Backroad

Throwback Thursday – A Dusty Virginia Backroad

dusty virginia backroad on the triumph tiger

Don’t you love sifting through all of the ride photos that you’ve amassed over the years? Even though you’re busy reminiscing when you look at them, it’s funny how they inspire you to want to get out there and explore some more. The past pushing you forward towards the future.

When I look at this photo from some dusty backroad in Virginia I can’t help but want to feel those feelings of newness and wonder again. The road… she’s calling my name.

Soon, lady. Soon.

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  1. A lovely picture indeed. I think that some of the best ride pics are those in which the road ahead dissolves into the terrain, whether beyond a horizon or, as in this pic of yours, swallowed by the woods. Such compositions ignite the imagination.

    As many folks do, I have most of my pics in the slideshow screensaver on my work computer: Often, when the weather is atrocious or when work is almost unbearable, I’ll see a pic from a favorite ride (let’s be honest, every ride is a favorite) and think “I wish I were right there right now”. It’s like sustenance, true nourishment for a famished soul.

    Thanks for sharing, Fuzzy… The riding season is upon us.

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