How Do You Say “Way Back Machine” In Italian?

How Do You Say “Way Back Machine” In Italian?

When I first started hanging around with the cute blonde guy who lives here and does all the heavy lifting around the house, we were both in relationships with sexy Italian birds. He went for the blonde and I was really in to the redhead.

aprilia ducati big duck

I spotted this pic as I scrolled through iPhoto tonight. Aprilia, Ducati, Big Duck, Backhoe. Perfectly normal, right?

Did you spot…theΒ PAY PHONE?! A real, live pay phone. Well, not live live, but you know what I mean. Who knew they were still around in 2003?




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  1. I thought it was really odd that in Japan, pay phones were everywhere and people were using them. Couldn’t figure that one out as everyone appears to have a cell phone…

    Pay phones were also common in Ethiopia even though almost everyone seemed to have a cell phone. Why not NY?

  2. I love your pictures and your blog. I found out about the E2E Rally through your site and ended up winning 2nd place. I had so much fun I’m putting together a bike rally of my own. I call it the ODD-Cities Rally. It’s a photo rally where you take pictures of your bike/number/city marker that just don’t fit. Instead of Phoenix, Arizona, the ODD city is Phoenix, Oregon. Instead of Dallas, Texas, the ODD city is Dallas, Vermont.

    If you have any helpful hints, please let me know! You are way more proficient at this kind of stuff than I am.

    I plan for it to run April – August and yes there are prizes! I’m sure to start very small!!

  3. Nice backhoe. Kawasaki, right? πŸ™‚

    The photo is a fun return to the past. I resisted getting a cellphone as long as possible — what forced me to finally get one was the complete disappearance of pay-phones. When they ripped them out of courthouses (the last bastion of old tech), I knew I had no choice.

  4. I remember Crud was still spreading rumors about aprilia like 16 years after he owned the Falco about how “it was hard to get parts.”

    Even though it was basically a 1-2 week turnaround at the time. πŸ™‚

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