Hay, Santa! Cute Royal Enfield

Hay, Santa! Cute Royal Enfield

Here on Long Island we’ve been on a weather roller coaster for the past few weeks. Temperatures have ranged from a downright balmy 60 degrees in the days before Christmas to… 5 like it was this morning. We were also treated to a blizzard. Good times.

As Christmas approached I flitted about doing all sorts of stuff during my vacation. Like… riding motorcycles. Surprised? 🙂

I was poking through my phone and realized that I forgot to share this with you:

hay Santa and the Royal Enfield

Yes, it’s a hay Santa. A hay Santa!

Sometimes people will say something like ‘you have a knack for finding weird things’ to me. Do you think so? Or do they find me?

4 Replies to “Hay, Santa! Cute Royal Enfield”

  1. You were meant to capture roadside oddities to entertain your fans, like me, who enjoy living vicariously through you. Fate, plain and sime.

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