Road Trip Inspiration: Connecticut Diners and the Lincoln Highway

Back in February, I posted about some of the roadside treasures that I was hoping to visit this year. Surprisingly enough, I did actually manage to visit some of them. Can you believe it? Me neither. All this time I thought the purpose of To Do Lists was just making the list. It turns out you can actually DO the stuff too!

With the cold weather wringing it’s crusty hands together and getting ready to drop the hammer, it’s that time of year again when my daydreaming, plotting and scheming goes in to overdrive. I just picked up two books to help the cause.

trip planning material

Eat to Ride, Ride to Eat

In my never ending quest to ride and then eat myself into an omelet-induced coma, I bought Classic Diners of Connecticut by Garrison Leykam. He’s someone that I follow on Twitter. Plus… eating. Both are things that I’m good at. Eating and Tweeting. Seriously? A rhyme? I should kick my own ass. 

The Lincoln Highway

The other book I bought is Lincoln Highway Companion – A Guide to America’s First Coast to Coast Road by Brian Butko.

According to the great oracle, Wikipedia, “The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental improved highway for automobiles across the United States of America.”  I’m not so sure I’ll be finding myself making it across country in the near term but it never hurts to file away interesting things to see for one day.

On my side of the Earth, the Highway boasts sights like the Bedford Coffee Pot, Dunkle’s Gulf and one from my 2013 to do list – the Worlds Largest Teapot.

During the first week of December I’ll be taking a roadtrip to Cleveland so that I can run in the Christmas Story House 10K. Do you want to hear the greatest 3 words ever? Leg. Lamp. Medal. It’s a major award!

My mom and I will be driving out to Ohio, taking the long way stopping to see some sights along the Lincoln Highway. It looks like I’ll get to see the teapot. W00T!

Read any good travel inspiration books lately?


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3 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Not sure if it’s listed in the CT book, but up here in Enfield (north central CT), we have a dine called The Country Diner. Amazing breakfasts!!!

  2. Kevin says:

    I’ve read a lot about the Lincoln Highway (PBS had a special on it a couple years ago). I live pretty close to it so I’ve ridden a good portion of it that eastern Nebraska and western Iowa have to offer. I have my Bonneville posing in front of several of the marked posts. There’s an original brick section in Omaha, which is pretty cool, but a bit bumpy. There aren’t many interesting roadside oddities to speak of out here, but I love riding on it just because it feels like part of American automotive history and westward expansion. It’s like Route 66 without the kitsch.

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