Adventure, Motorcycle Muffs, Sex Galore and Free Paper Maps

Adventure, Motorcycle Muffs, Sex Galore and Free Paper Maps

For today’s installment of BEDN (blog every day in November) we’re going to take a look the top 10 search phrases that brought people to my blog this month. Some of them are motorcycle or travel related. Others? Not so much.

Are any of these your burning questions?

Inside Llewyn Davis Buzz Skelly Gas Station Location

What is Adventure

What is it indeed? As far as I can tell it is the act exploring or experiencing something dramatic. There is some sort of travel component to the process, in my mind anyway.

What do you think – Can it be defined easily or do you think it’s just one of those things you know?

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Free Paper Maps

I am an unabashed paper map lover. That’s how I came to find out that states are only too happy to send you free maps and travel brochures. Even in this age of GPS and mobile technology, there is something worthwhile about having an actual map stuffed in your bag.

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Billy Joel Motorcycle Museum

Billy Joel has a space here on Long Island in the town of Oyster Bay where he welcomes people in to see his collection of bikes. It’s called 20th Century Cycles.

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Motorcycle Handlebar Muffs


Before I had heated gloves, I was riding around on my Speed Triple with muffs during the winter months to keep my digits warm. Many people call these ‘hippo hands’ but that is an actual brand name. Sort of like ‘Band-aid.’

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Three Times the Boot

Right. I have no idea what that means but it just so happens that I do have a post that features some giant boots. Lucky you!

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Sex Galore

That’s me. (stop laughing)

Denali Lights

Last fall I put a set of Denali D2D lights on my Tiger to help with it’s poor lighting at night. Why can’t all motorcycle manufacturers outfit their bikes with some decent f-ing lamps right out of the factory?! As far as I’m concerned you can keep your fancy electronics and whozy-whatsits. Give me some decent lights, damnit!

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Llewyn Davis Skelly Station

In the spring of 2012, I rode past the movie set where they were filming the Coen Brothers’ movie Inside Llewyn Davis. The set was a false front of an old Buzz’s Skelly gas station. It was lovely.

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Fuzzy Galore Blog

Never heard of it.

Why do People Ride Harleys

Why does anyone do anything? Because they want to. That “thing” that makes a person fall in love with their motorcycle is as varied as… some.. really huge number.

My question is why there is such a divide amongst riders of different styles of motorcycles?

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