Kane’s Donuts: A Ride to Eat Destination

Kane’s Donuts: A Ride to Eat Destination

Kane’s Donuts was on my must-visit list for years!

When the alarm clock sounded its horrible racket at 4:30 on Saturday morning, what would normally be met with an all-encompassing desire to smash it into a million pieces – was instead greeted with my feet flying out from under the covers and onto the floor.

On this day? On this day… there would be donuts.

There was an image burned into my brain sometime last year: Round neon in tones of pink and yellow, shining ever so donut-y. Kane’s Donuts, it said. But, it may as well say Heaven.

Kane's Donuts neon sign

In this day and age if you’re a mom & pop shop that has been in business since 1955 – you’re probably doing something right. But, there was only one way to find out just how right.

Kane's Donuts patio sign

Between the gorgeous neon and the promise of their drool-worthy menu, Kane’s Donuts was beckoning me. Come,… ride your motorcycle to enjoy maximum donutocity.

I made it to Saugus, Massachusetts by 10 am. When I pulled in to the parking lot the patio tables were full. When I walked inside 12 or so people stood in line in front of me. A good sign, indeed.

The racks were full of so many delicious looking creations, it could prove difficult to pick which one would be my winner. But truth be told, I’m pretty simple in the donut department. My eyes zeroed in on the red velvet. A classic.

Red Velvet Donut - Kane's Donuts

As I sauntered outside, a group was just getting up to leave so I parked myself at the newly free table and watched the steady stream of traffic going in and out.

Donut, sweet donut. You were worth the ride.

Kane's Donuts in my Givi Box

It only seemed right that I bring a few donuts home for my family. I reckoned it would have been cruel to not share the O-shaped bliss. So, I ordered a half dozen more and carefully strapped them in my Givi box. With a small prayer said, I closed the lid.

Kanes Donuts in my Givi Box

I figured the worst-case scenario is that they would have to be eaten with a spoon when I got home. Much to my surprise, they survived the trip! The pastry fairies were looking out for me.

In Case You Were Wondering

I asked my Facebook friends just how many donuts I was allowed to eat if I rode nearly 300 miles to get them. My favorite answer was an equation:

# of  Donuts = Mileage / 10

There you have it. It’s science.

Kane’s Donuts
120 Lincoln Avenue
Saugus, MA 01906

11 Replies to “Kane’s Donuts: A Ride to Eat Destination”

  1. I enjoyed following your ride on Instagram on Saturday, too. That ADV sticker is taking on new meaning. A Donut adVenture? A Dozen Velvet? A Donut Vagabond? Any Donut Victuals?

  2. You’re my hero! Riding mucho miles to another state just for donuts. In medieval times, they’d sing songs in your Honor. “And off she went, on her iron steed, in search of sweet delights…”.

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