Life in the Slow Lane: Uraling Through Long Island’s Farms

If you aren’t familiar with Long Island you might be surprised to find that the eastern end has lots of farms and wineries dotting the landscape. Often during our rides we find ourselves pulled off on the side of the road, peering over a split rail fence at horses or stopping at a farm that has animals in pens or corrals.

long island horse farm

One of my favorite stops is Briermier Farms to get a homemade pie to bring home.  Mmm… strawberry rhubaaaaarb. Pies fit perfectly in the trunk of the Ural and actually make it home in one piece. Tres handy! 

pit stop at briermere farms

The Ural makes pulling on to any manner of shoulder – grassy, bumpy, muddy so easy I feel spoiled by it. It makes u-turning a speedy breeze, too. You know – for emergency situations like spotting a pen full of teeny goats just dying to be scratched. Or fed phone books and tin cans. I’m pretty sure they’ll take either.

mad goats mad goats

Though Chloe was completely in love with the little goats and a lamb, the itty-bitty calfs stole my heart.

sweet cow

They stole my heart …and tried to steal the snaps off of Chloe’s jacket.

mmm... snappy!

I kid you not – some lady walking behind us said to her kid, “Oh, look at the cute little deers!” Poor kid.

In keeping with the horse’s ass theme – I leave you with this little guy’s sweet patoot. His name is Timmy. I kept trying to talk to him and get him to raise his face to the camera but he wouldn’t look up and didn’t say much, he was… a little… horse.

timmy the little horse

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week.


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7 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Deer? Really? Those are some cute critters. And was that your Hubby behind the Ural? Riding what? I am so out of the loop…

  2. Wayne Busch says:

    I grew up on a LI potato farm. A few years back we hired a limo and did a wine tour. Not quite Napa Valley, but had a great time.

  3. Off-topic: I see Kenny wearing jeans. Do you guys find yourselves bending the ATGATT rule when you choose your “slow” bikes from the stable?

  4. Trobairitz says:

    That looks like such a neat spot to stop. I love goats, but that calf is pretty cute too.

    The lady with the deer comment must be a city girl and she probably doesn’t know where meat comes from either except the grocery store.

    Oh – and you had me with strawberry rhubarb pie – my favorite. Well peach is a close second.

  5. Shybiker says:

    Wonderful photos. And those pies!

  6. Deb says:

    Neat! I miss seeing critters on the sides of the road here in the burbs. Aren’t those babies sweet?

    What a wonderful day out riding! I’ve longed to ride that area too.

    Nice post!

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