Sweet, Sweet, Wienermobile – Good To See You Again!

Sweet, Sweet, Wienermobile – Good To See You Again!

I keep tabs on the whereabouts of the Wienermobiles by following them on Twitter. It’s important stuff. Very important.

On Sunday morning while sipping my coffee I read that one of the Wienermobiles would be on Long Island. As soon as I heard Kenny stirring himself awake I bounded into the bedroom overflowing with excitement. I could hardly wait to tell him the greatest news in the history of forever.

“Babe? Are you ready to experience the GREATEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE?”


“The Weinermobile is on Long Island. Isn’t that great?”


He was so excited he couldn’t even make words.

When we pulled into the lot where the Wienermobile was parked I quickly clicked on the Sena bluetooth headset so that we could share the moment it came in to view together. As we rounded the corner…

“THERE IT IS! Look at that. Isn’t that just beautiful? Isn’t this just the GREATEST DAY of your LIFE?!”

“No. Not really.”

kenny and the winermobile

Look at Kenny, acting nonchalant about being parked behind the enormous weenie. Obviously, he was so overcome with emotion that he couldn’t really process the moment.

We parked and checked out the hot dog, got some stickers and whistles. I, very queenly-like, settled myself into one of the seats inside the ‘mobile to see what big time living felt like. For the record? It felt glorious.

ural and wienermobile

As we started to collect ourselves to head out, I spotted people taking photos of the Ural in its parking space. You know, because there was nothing at all giant, orange and interesting parked anywhere within 30 feet of it.

Between you and me, I think Kenny was impressed by totally loved the Wienermobile.

Exhibit A:

i saw it wienermobile sticker

That is not my Givi box. Just sayin’…

13 Replies to “Sweet, Sweet, Wienermobile – Good To See You Again!”

  1. I find that Johnny is often so extremely overwhelmed with childlike curiosity and abundant glee that he “masks” it with an appearance of disinterest and boredom when I reveal something as wondrous as the Weinermobile. Our dear boys, they are so sensitive. 🙂

  2. The only time I’ve seen the wienermobile in recent times was in a touristy section of San Diego. I’m not exactly sure of the year but I took a picture of it with my Palm Treo 650. That seems like ages ago….

    No stickers or whistles.

  3. is this the bigger one or the new greener model.you can tell the smaller is on a mini cooper chasis and I saw it in Chicago?

  4. Does Kenny really want to advertise on his bike that he saw a big giant weiner? Bahahahaha. I tease. Kudos to him for putting the sticker on his top case though, that is pretty cool.

    In comparison, I can see how the Ural got so much attention. You can see the weiner everywhere, but a Ural, now that is something.


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