Motorcycle Heaven: Beautiful Road Photos

Motorcycle Heaven: Beautiful Road Photos

Just a little something to keep the motorcycling daydreams working overtime.

Click each photo to find the original photogs work in flickr.

Gorges du Dadès 7093 s
Morocco – Dadès Gorge

Transfagarasan route, Romania
Romania – Transfăgărăşan Highway

Winding Road

Hwy 42 Door County
Highway 42 – Door County, Wisconsin

India – The Gata Loops

Stelvio Pass.
Italy – Stelvio Pass

Switzerland – Furka Pass

The Road Up Pike's Peak
Colorado – Pikes Peak

Curvy road - Paso Libertadores, Argentina-Chile
Chile-Argentina – Paso Libertadores

Moki Dugway
Utah – Moki Dugway

Have you ridden any of these?

18 Replies to “Motorcycle Heaven: Beautiful Road Photos”

  1. I’ve ridden the Stelvio and it’s absolutely awesome as long as nobody stops in front of you while you’re in one of the right hand hairpins. The inside is sooooooo far down … Luckily I got up just fine.

  2. Didn’t get as far as Leh; I was there too early (mid-April) and the passes hadn’t cleared yet. Made for some beautiful scenery but doesn’t do wonders for making the roads passable. =) The ride into the Himalayas is amazing even if you only get into Manali, tho.

    1. 🙂 Thanks, Liz-
      I’ve got 3 or 4 ideas burning away in my brain. I’m trying to figure out which one is really the next trip on deck.

      I’m trying not to be too impulsive and make a well thought out decision. Not usually my strong point 😉

  3. My husband and I did the Stelvio and the Furka Pass on our bikes going from London to Dubrovnik in 2011. We loved the roads in Switzerland, such perfect corners.

    p.s. just came across your blog – very nice!

  4. Well I didn’t do Pike’s Peak, but does Mt. Evans count? 🙂

    Also did the Moki Dugway. 2-3 mile dirt section that drops you off a butte coming from Glen Canyon, and points you right at Monument Valley. That was a pretty awesome day.

  5. Oh my! These pictures leave me breathless! Not sure I will get to some of the really exotic places, but Door County might be doable. My biggest desire right now is to ride up Vancouver Island & Pacific Rim Highway to Tofino, it s spectacular!

  6. This is some of the highest quality road porn I have seen for a long time.

    Two of us went to ride the Stelvio Pass a couple of years ago on our way to Croatia, but very frustratingly, it was closed due to snow. I am going back there on the way to the H-D 110th Rally in Rome this year.

    Furka Pass – Done that.

    Pikes Peak – Yep.

    Moki Dugway – What a great road. See video 28 here

    One for your future collection – Lysebotn Road, about 30 miles / 50 kms east of Stavanger, in Norway. See

  7. Superb pictures. I’m quite scared of drops, so they’re not my cup of tea, but I can imagine the journey. I’m currently content with delivering the motorcycle to various camps on our journey.

  8. My sisters and I did Stelvio Pass two years ago; it was fun, and challenging, but not like the twisties around home. It was a long straight, followed by a steep gnarly hairpin, one after another. A guy on an RT dropped it in a corner in front of my sister, who stopped to help him pick it up. I’m sure he died a little inside.

    We also did Grossglockner pass on that trip, it was great fun.

  9. Hey Fuzzy,

    We’re going to ride Pike’s Peak (hopefully) when we pass through Colorado in about 2 weeks. Looking forward to it!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

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