Why, Yes. It IS a Giant Cauliflower

Why, Yes. It IS a Giant Cauliflower

giant long island cauliflower jamesport

In the realm of giant roadside farm fruits and vegetables there are some oft-seen staples like a giant ear of corn or a strawberry. As my friend Wendy, proprietress of the fabulous Roadside Wonders, said ~ “Yep, you can barely swing a dead cat without hitting a giant apple … but this! This was a wonder to behold!”

Indeed it is, my dear. Indeed it is.

Giant cauliflower?… magnificent. Dare I say? Scrumtrulescent!

If said magnificent cauliflower were to go missing, it did not in any way get strapped down to the rear rack of the Ural and make it’s final resting spot a nest of iridescent unicorn mane hair in my living room. Absolutely not.

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  1. I was perusing your blog today and came across this one. As you may know, I love the big things and the quirky things. I actually have some shots of a giant potato on the back of a truck taken in Driggs, Idaho. And, there is also a giant potato in Blackfoot, Idaho. Both are on my blog.

    Keep on Enjoying the Ride!!

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