Welcome to Johnny’s Oasis – May I Take Your Order?

Welcome to Johnny’s Oasis – May I Take Your Order?

“Yea, uh… can I havvvvvve… two large hay shakes? Uhhhh…?  Gimme a couple two-tree-uh-dem cactus poppers and uhhh… a large order of oats. To go.”

camels on new york farm

I swear, you see the damnedest things out there on the road 🙂 Always, always have to have a camera with you.

This farm is in Orange County, NY on one of the roads I always use as a cut through. The first time I spotted the camels out in the field, I had to stop for a double take. They’re too cool.

6 Replies to “Welcome to Johnny’s Oasis – May I Take Your Order?”

  1. I am always amazed when I see camels in this country.

    When on a test ride last year in Salem, OR (when we were researching Subarus) the salesman took us on a route in the south hills of Salem and there were camels on a farm. Just odd to find them.

  2. A camel?? Camel?? Wow, that would’ve surprised me.

    It’s even weirder than my experience, riding through the North Fork, and thinking I’m looking at the ugliest dog ever. As I got closer, I realized it was a goat!

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