New Compelling Evidence – Cavemen Rode Motorcycles

New Compelling Evidence – Cavemen Rode Motorcycles

Choppers, in fact:

Cavemen rode motorcycles

Scratched into the concrete of a Fort Hancock bunker, this is the work of primitive men. Cavemen, perhaps.

Someone clearly took great care to share their art with the world. And the artist, ever in touch with the rules of life, with their finger on the pulse of how the world works reminds us of the first rule of bein’ cool: “When in doubt… PEEL OUT!

8 Replies to “New Compelling Evidence – Cavemen Rode Motorcycles”

  1. Of course she is peeling out! She is trying to escape the giant boulder that is about to fall on her from behind!

  2. Love this blog! Does anyone remember Alley oop oop ….oop oop oop, way back a long time ago!Ask any baby boomer they can tell you about this caveman.

    Thanks for fun reading!

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