Pre-Weekend Shakedown Ride on the Husky

Pre-Weekend Shakedown Ride on the Husky

My Fuzzy Tugger on the HusqvarnaYesterday I spent a grueling hour and a half at the DMV finally getting a plate for my Husky. It isn’t that I had to do battle with a clerk or anything, my transaction took less than 10 minutes. The issue is just… sitting there. There are 10 windows in the office but only 4 clerks working them for a room full of people. Hurry up and wait. ::sigh::

Since I got the Husqvarna back in February, I’ve only ever ridden it on private property. I was never in any kind of hurry to register the bike. But, with the Berkshire Big Adventure ride coming up this weekend I had to make that happen.

I haven’t ridden the Husky in weeks. So with my new plate, a warm night and a few free hours on our hands, Kenny and I took our dirty bikes out for a shakedown ride on the street.

Kennys KTM and my Husky

I’m happy to report that nothing rattled off, the bike sounds sexy, Mr. Bill is back in his rightful place at the helm and my Fuzzy tugger is on. We’re good to go.

Mr Bill Mascot on my bike

DAMN the TE feels so much “easier” than the DRZ did. I’m amazed at how much lighter and more natural everything feels. I can’t wait to see how I make out on the BBA ride compared to last year. More than anything, I’m hoping for a boost in confidence.

I also got to try out my new Shark SXR offroad helmet. It is so deliciously light and the shape fits me better than the Thor I had been wearing. Happy, happy, joy, joy. 

My new shark sxr offroad helmet

Though my bike is lowered an inch with a Koubalink, it’s still quite tall for me. But, I do my best to make it work though even if I look like a dwarf next to it.

Limitations are between the ears, right?

Me and My Husky

Everything feels so right in my world.

Looking forward to a good ride this weekend – Bring it on!

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