I Think It’s Time For Us To Go Somewhere

I Think It’s Time For Us To Go Somewhere

I feel like Kenny and I haven’t gone anywhere or done any riding in the longest time. Of course, it was winter. Sort of.

But, it’s time; time for us to think about hitting the road. The next few weeks are set to be busy ones with things like getting married and whatnot but after those “I dos” and “to dos” clear off my list, we’ll be hitting the road.

We’re not going anyplace monumental like say Chris and George who are each heading to Alaska this year, but we have every intention of having a great time somewhere in the southern states nonetheless. What will make our trip monumental? Well, that remains to be seen.

With this past Sunday’s rain, I found myself in the house all day. It was the first time I’ve been cooped up in ages. I managed not go completely haywire by whiling away some of the time looking at maps, researching things on the web and getting a loose idea of where our trip might take us. I broke out my big America Rides wall map and began to jot some ideas down.

Now comes the daydreaming…

Planning to go somewhere

How about you? Any trips on the near horizon?

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  1. 4-wheeled trips to a family reunion and a college graduation are infringing on my touring possibilities this summer, so I’m trying to do a few weekenders. Of course, the first one is supposed to begin this Friday and the destination is getting a freak late-season snow storm as I type.

  2. Hi Fuzzy! Sounds like your plate is very full! I wish you good wishes for your life with Kenny!

    We haven’t planned much in the way of long trips yet, but this month is packed with riding events and next weekend will be the biggest with IFRD on Friday and on Sunday we have another gathering of Vancouver Island Riders group Riders for Safety. After that there are a few get togethers planned. So lots of weekend riding for sure.

  3. We just got back from a weekend running all around the mountains and central Oregon. 16 hours on the bikes in two days, I’m saddle sore!

  4. My trip this summer will be month long ride to California and back from Alaska. Looking forward to a visit from Chris and maybe being able to meet up with George in Whitehorse during his ride up.

      1. No problemo, G.

        Yes, we got married last Saturday. After a few hiccups leading up to it – it was AWESOME. Had a great night with friends and family πŸ™‚

  5. Don’t forget to stop and see us! Whether at the WV place or VA place, I promise you some beautiful scenery and amazing roads. πŸ™‚

    How are those wedding plans coming anyway? Can’t wait to read all about it!

    1. Well as a matter of fact, I will be sending you an email so that we can hopefully hook up! ::crosses fingers::

      The wedding is a very un-wedding so – other than getting a marriage license – i think we have just about everything we need ready to go. Its really just a cocktail party where we happen to be getting married. The idea of having a WEDDING-wedding gave me a rash. πŸ˜†

        1. yes!
          That’s pretty much what we’re doing. Our friend Catfish is marrying us and we’re having a party with our friends & loved ones. And a cake. What more could we need? πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, and I forgot to say our big vacation won’t happen ’til late Summer (after Labor Day). It actually involves some friends of yours who apparently rent dreams. Or at least dream trips. Mysterious enough for you? πŸ™‚

  7. We are taking a vacation to New Orleans and I can’t wait. We won’t be leaving until September, but hey, I can still plan right. We are flying in due to time constraints, but will rent bikes there to ride out of the city and see the countryside. I can’t wait…until then…well there’s the great roads of CA!!

  8. Hey Miss Fuzzy.. Love your blog! So far I still have to read between page 40 and 98 to have seen it all. I’m headed to Rockingham NC the tail end of June for some type of motorcycle gathering. I also am planning a trip around Tennessee’s Devil’s Triangle. Good Luck to you and Mr. Kenny! Oh… DON’T eat the wedding cake that’s where them evil spells lay waiting..;)

  9. Ahhh wanderlust is setting in. Winter will do that.

    Early congrats to you and Kenny. Anywhere you ride with your hubby I am sure will be a great trip.

    We have a few weekend trips planned for this summer but nothing monumental. Eastern Oregon and Northern California. Maybe Western Washington if the stars align and the weekends work out.

  10. Well, I didn’t buy the new uber Beemer for grocery shopping, that’s for sure. Now the “where’s” and “when’s” are something I guess I need to get started on. After a three day thrash-a-thon to that wedding in Georgia, I know I am not limited by the bike’s ability to eat miles so…..perhaps it is time to invade another country. Canukistan, anyone?

  11. Hi Ms. Fuzzy: Sounds like you’ve got it all down pat. But you might want to think about coming north to Maine. You just can’t ever, ever double-ride a route. There’s always another way there. Either that, or “you ca ent get thear from here.”

    Love your blog. Being a NYC boy who wandered all over the island, it is such a gas to read about familiar places.

    Enjoy your trip(s) and if you do think about my neck of the woods, just give a holler.


    1. Hi Mike πŸ™‚

      We have family that live in Maine, which we visit at least once a year. Perhaps one day our paths will cross πŸ™‚

      Thanks for reading, Mike πŸ™‚

      1. Somehow when I left the second comment it went under Richard’s comment. I refreshed the page and hopefully this time it will go at the end.

        Thanks for the mention and congrats on the wedding Did it happen already?

  12. Hello Fuzzy,
    I think your blog is awesome, inspirational (:
    Me, the boyfriend, the dad and his friend are travelling to Garmisch- Partenkirchen in Germany for the BMW Rally, so excited! Ill post plently pictures on my blog of it afterwards!

    All the best.

    1. Hiya, Kate!
      Thanks for the kind words *blushes*

      It sure sounds like you all are going to have an EXCELLENT trip. I’ll definitely be reading your blog to follow along!

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