I Write The Story of My Life From the Seat of My Motorcycle

I Write The Story of My Life From the Seat of My Motorcycle

So often I think… I write the story of my life from the seat of my motorcycle.

That isn’t to say that I do all of my “living” on the bike. Far from it. What I mean is something more along the lines of – because I am at my most open and seemingly real self, I tend to think more clearly about the goings-on of my days.

When I am riding my thinking is so lucid, so uncluttered. I seem to be able to channel my thoughts in a way that I don’t at any other time. And let me tell you, I’m pretty funny, too. At least that’s what the voices inside my helmet say. More often than what might be deemed “healthy”, I’ll be cruising along thinking about something ridiculous and find myself chuckling out loud. Thank goodness no one else can hear what’s going on.

During my rides, I fashion my inner fantasy life into something that resembles a quirky chick-lit book. In the story, I play the goofy yet endearing protagonist who clumsily trips her way through life. Along the way I get mixed up in hair-brained schemes, have unlikely serendipitous meetings, go on absurd adventures and mingle with a cast of weird but lovable supporting characters. Each chapter is served up with a heap of laughter and a hug or two thrown in for good measure.

What? Oh, right. That is my life.

It would be impossible for me to estimate just how many times I’ve thought to myself, “I need to write that down when I get home”. Countless times. But as soon as I turn the key off, with the dim of the lights so too goes my story.

I wish I could find a way to keep it with me all the time but it seems to only live there behind the handlebars. Trying to call it back is like trying to remember a dream …just one step out of reach.

Self portrait at 75
Self Portrait at 75

7 Replies to “I Write The Story of My Life From the Seat of My Motorcycle”

    1. I sometimes imagine that people driving behind you must see the tell tale body motions of laughter and think i’m a nut. Hopefully that encourages them to keep their distance 😀

  1. I also so relate to this. My thinking gets so clear on long rides. I solve life’s puzzles, realize mistakes I’m making, see how to fix work-problems, and breathe. Relax and breathe.

    I hope I’m one of the “weird but lovable…characters” in your life. 🙂

    1. Yes, exactly! Everything becomes so “clear”.

      R – I am proud to call you one of my dear weird friends <3

      Many blessings to the kooks, the weirdos, the oddballs. They’re the ones that bring the color and wonder to my life <3 And.. ok, the “normal people” are alright, too, I guess 🙂

  2. I feel the same. If I am feeling edgy or just needing a break and can get away on my bike it seems to clear everything and give me new perspective on events. I am a smiling fool when I ride, big ear to ear grins. When hub gave me the new bike for Christmas I screamed a happy scream the whole way when I was riding. OMG they must have thought I was a loon……

  3. I understand what you mean about the mental clarity that riding brings forth. It’s great to come back fresh, and then re-tackle one’s problems. BUT, while it’s bad enough we all daydream while driving our cars, doing so on a motorcycle can prove deadly. Your attention should be on your riding and on your surroundings! If something happens that requires you to act quickly, having your mind on something else will rob you of precious reaction time. It only takes a split second for the worst to happen… and then you won’t be laughing anymore. Please be careful out there!

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