When You Can’t Find the Right Words

When You Can’t Find the Right Words

Sometimes… sometimes there are just no words that you can string together to properly convey your feelings.

view of the valley on Mattole road

I was on the side of the road taking a picture of the view when I saw Kenny raise his hands up as if to say, ‘Can you believe this? This is incredible!’ and just stand there for a minute. There was something sweet about the gesture. It was as if he was having such a great time that he had to say something but words failed him. I didn’t hear him make a sound.

Have you ever felt this way on a ride?

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  1. Great shot Fuzzy! If I think about it, I guess that whether it’s a vista or quality of the road itself, those “can you believe this?” moments are one of the reasons I ride. Having others to share some of them with IRL makes it even nicer I imagine. (But are you sure Kenny didn’t just drop his camera off the cliff or something?).

  2. I try to stop and look off to the side instead of past the next turn every time I ride now. Even riding down on the island a pause in some places reminds me how lucky we are to be experiencing such things.

    O and I think Kenny just might actually be saying “One day this will all be mine”

    It is an awesome feeling to not have words to describe a moment like that. Riding really gives us a lot to be amazed by.

  3. Absolutely. When I rode with a club, we had hand signals and my favorite was when we saw awe-inspiring beauty: we’d lift our arm up and swing it around in a graceful circle, signalling our appreciation for nature.

  4. Awesome picture! I feel that way on many rides and am awe struck at the beauty around me. Some days it’s the perfect ride, perfect place and then the Halelujah moment that follows, beyond words.

  5. There are a number of reasons I ride, all the cliche nonsense about freedom, open road, wind in your hair… but this is picture is representative of another one, and not the least of the reasons why I have many motorcycles. Beautiful.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

  6. Definitely yes.
    Great photo, speaks volumes.
    Sometimes it’s not even the scenic view, or the perfect curvy road. Sometimes it’s just the feeling you get being out on the bike!

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