California Love: Golden Fields on Hot Springs Drive

California Love: Golden Fields on Hot Springs Drive

The weather in California proved to be unpredictable. We went through cycles of sweating bullets to freezing cold over and over again.

The hottest weather we experienced was along the aptly named Hot Springs Drive around Porterville. The grassy hills were fried to a golden crisp with a garnish of a few green trees, the occasional boulder and four-legged beef to round out the plate.

Hot Springs Rd Porterville California

Ed and Kenny – knowing me as they do – opted to keep their distance from me since the temperature had to be at least 300°. I become a super-cranky viper once the thermometer edges over 85 or so. Smart boys.

In the heat on hot springs rd porterville california
In the heat, keep away from Fuzzy if you know what's good for you

The valley landscape was so far removed from my everyday life. Its spartan look drew me right it. It seemed to me that you could really do some good thinking out there.

Rolling golden hills in porterville california

During the course of our week of riding I came to the realization that I am more of a rock person than a tree person. I love wide open landscapes or being above the tree line. With the exception of being amongst the Redwood or Sequoia trees, I feel much more connected to rocky mountains or treeless rolling hills.

What does that say about me? Surely that has something to do with my psychological makeup.

Hot Springs Drive Porterville California

The three of us were positively simmering inside of our gear. When the cows on the side of the road tried to use us as a salt lick, we decided that it was time to get back up into the cool of the mountains. Since we were in the neighborhood, taking a turn through Sequoia National Park seemed in order.

9 Replies to “California Love: Golden Fields on Hot Springs Drive”

    1. Hiya A-
      We really did have great riding. I think the reality is – when you crack open a map of California, you could close your eyes and point and come up with a good road 🙂

      I love it there!

  1. You really have gotten to see a bunch of different landscapes in one trip! That is really amazing the differences from section of CA to the other.

  2. I’m with Richard. I never thought of California, other than the northen coast, as a motorcycle destination. Thanks for sharing with us. I love that shot of the sun-bleached fields with the very dark sky in the background.

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