Summer Reading: Motorcycle Bloggers I’ve Been Enjoying

Summer Reading: Motorcycle Bloggers I’ve Been Enjoying

All summer long I have been green with envy reading so many good ride reports around the web. Here are 2 that I’ve been enjoying recently. I hope you do too:

BMWGSGirl – Oregon to Texas and Back
Throughout her trip, I found myself looking forward to seeing her daily posts pop up in my Google Reader. Motorcycles, sarcasm, beautiful scenery photos and an overactive imagination make Jess’ posts great. The way she writes makes me feel like she’s talking to me. She cracks me up 🙂

Everyday Riding- Big Trip 2011
Chris is a year round rider from Minnesota. Yes, I said YEAR ROUND and MINNESOTA. He set off on his SV650 for a trip around the Northeast for a few weeks in August. I had the good fortune to spend a few hours getting to know him over lunch while he was passing through Connecticut. Follow along on his trip as he meets fellow motorcycle bloggers and sees the sights along the way.

Happy reading!

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  1. Yes, thanks for the shout out! I’m a little late but totally happy to be included in your summer reading…now where to go this summer…I’m thinking after reading about your California trip that’s the direction!!!

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