I Spy: Captain America Trike

I Spy: Captain America Trike

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet the gentleman that owns this this Captain America trike. He was eccentric, chatty and friendly – which is just the way I like people.

Captain America trike parked in Port Jefferson
Captain America Trike in Port Jefferson Captain America Trike in Port Jefferson Captain America Trike parked in Port Jefferson

This wonderfully kooky DIY-dream is powered by a 1988 Toyota MR2 motor in the rear.

Love it!

7 Replies to “I Spy: Captain America Trike”

  1. Cool! I’m not surprised the owner of this is “eccentric, chatty and friendly” — I’d be surprised if he wasn’t! The most interesting people are those who are a little different.

  2. Never heard of the Captain America trike. Yeah, I agree with the other comments. He had to be a little eccentric and out there. 🙂

  3. I have seen that thing a couple times, it used to be just silver or black I think? I’m pretty sure the guy works at a auto shop next to lobster roll. I wonder how it rides….

    1. I saw it in Riverhead once when it was silver. I asked him about that. He said he has painted it a few times and changed the powerplant as well.

      He’s a super nice guy. If you see him again , talk to him! I bet he’d take you for a ride 🙂

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