April 17: Sunday Ride – Where Are You Going?

April 17: Sunday Ride – Where Are You Going?

It’s Sunday.

For many of us, that means it’s ride day. All of the week’s chores have been put to bed, errands have been run, now its time to go out and play.

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Tell us about your ride!

Where are you headed today – or –  where have you been?

21 Replies to “April 17: Sunday Ride – Where Are You Going?”

  1. Sadly there was no ride today….. We had rain and completely miserable weather all weekend…….but tomorrow is Monday, and even if it’s wet I still have a 60km ride to the office…..Bring it on!!!!!!

    1. Sorry you didn’t get a Sunday ride in, Anthony. Hopefully you spent the time doing something else you enjoy instead and not doing something hideous like… housework 😆

      Here’s to a dry commute! Cheers

  2. Sadly no ride here either. Sitting in the Seattle airport since 5 am after flying all night. Plus my bike parts aren’t here yet.

    Hope you got a good ride in!

    1. Ugh. Airports are their own special brand of purgatory. HURRY UP… and wait. Sounds like you’ve had a long bout of traveling. Hope it was fun.

      Your bike has been in pieces for some time now, it seems!

  3. No riding for us either. We’re at the WV Place. The bikes are in MD. We’ll be moving them out here soon though. Besides, it is REALLY windy here today. The wind I can stand. What scares me are the tree limbs and stuff scattered across the road. I hope you have a fun ride!

    1. Listen, Kathy-
      You’d better get on the ball and start riding that shiny new bike around WV. I’ve got spring fever like nobodies business and need some inspiration to pick a place to go! 😉

  4. Too much school work for me to do today but I might get a hour or so to cruise the tonight. We will see!

    I hope you all have a good ride today!

      1. Yes to both of those lol, it was only about an hour and a half but it is better then no riding! I’m looking forward to the report on your sunday, any mud?

  5. To squeeze more riding into my life, I try to use my bike for everything, including ordinary trips. So, while it doesn’t sound too exciting, yesterday I took Robin on a ride that ended up at the cinema where we saw “Hanna”.

    The best aspect of the ride was that Robin only gets on a motorcycle in nice weather so this inaugurated the new season for her. I try to urge her to ride but not push her: it’s a subtle dance.

  6. we went out for brunch! we rode over bear mountain and to peekskill ny to try out a new place, and then rode down to westchester to meet some friends who were stuck in traffic. It was LOVELY. even though it rained on the way home.

  7. No riding here either….weekend meetings, yeesh!

    But, if the weather cooperates even a little bit, the kid and I will break her new green toy in this coming weekend. And, now that I have manuevered my way into full ownership of the DRZ, I can thrash away with impunity…can’t wait 😀

    1. You seem to not understand how the working thing goes. Stop working on the weekends!!!!!

      I *think* Kenny mentioned you were doing the Berkshire ride? Is that right?

      1. Hard to argue with that admonishment Fuzzy….

        Yeah, Kenny lobbed the idea of the Berkshire my way and it seemed like a good excuse to get the old moto planning wheels back into motion. Soooo, yes, I am planning on being there. I’m pretty excited to play with the DRZ and that seems like a fun ride.

          1. Oh yes, camping too. I’ll be dragging my vintage gear out into the light after a 20 year hiatus. Should be fun.

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