Behold! My Crotona Midnight Run Trophy

Behold! My Crotona Midnight Run Trophy

The postman came a’callin’ this afternoon with a box from Dick Roberts and the gang over at Ramapo Motorcycle Club. Inside was my fabulous 2011 Crotona Midnight Run High Point Female Expert trophy.

I’ll give you a minute to bask in it’s glory:

My fabulous Crotona Midnight Run trophy

Good? Because if you want to, you know, spend a little more time admiring it – I completely understand.

I feel it’s only right that since I’ve been bestowed such an esteemed award that I honor it in the only way I know how; interpretive dance. But, since you can’t see me right now and I must confess I look like a hot mess – I’ll do the next best thing and make a speech. Only you can’t hear me either. Well, whatever. I’ve prepared a statement:

Thank you Ramapo Motorcycle Club, friends, fellow motorcyclists. I am honored to receive this testament to my ability to sit on a motorcycle and point it in the correct direction. Though I know you will be shocked to discover it, it isn’t EVERYday that I receive such accolades.

I would like to dedicate this trophy to my one man pit crew, the wind beneath my wings; Kenny. Though my darling boy does not himself have any fabulous trophies that smell of rich mahogany and gleam with the golden touch of Midas himself, I absolutely love him for making the winning of MY trophy possible.

I humbly thank you all.

Seriously, Though

I am really happy. With my score of 993 points, I placed in 7th in a field of 55 entrants. Not too shabby!

Did you notice they actually put Fuzzy Galore on the name plaque? Love it. 😆

Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Crotona Midnight Run MedallionIn the box that my trophy came in was also the full roster of participants, their scores and rankings.

Do you know who kicked some serious ass by scoring 995 points – FIRMLY locking him in to a 5th place ranking? Yup. Soth – from Steady on the Humble. Make sure you mosey on over to his blog and give him a virtual high five.


  • Keith – reader of this here very blog – took home a trophy and a 3rd place finish. W00T!
  • Soth – Gave the Crotona Midnight Run the whatfor and scored a 5th place spot.
  • Bob – My wingman rounded out our little reader contingent with a 9th place spot.

Well done, gentlemen! Enjoy your trophies and highly coveted Crotona Midnight Run medallions. You deserve ’em.

And Finally

Apparently my trophy, being a big vtwin and all, vibrated one of it’s bars off in the box. Parts falling off in transit? Must be a Harley.


My fabulous trophy

16 Replies to “Behold! My Crotona Midnight Run Trophy”

  1. Man, you crack me up! This post brought me many a smile and made me laugh for the first time all day!

    Congrats again on your dominating victory, nobody deserves it more!

    I’m still shocked that I managed a 5th place… I thought for sure I was going to be DQ’ed for missing a checkpoint again… must be those middle of the night second guessings.

    Maybe next year I’ll try writing down my ETAs and use a timer/clock. But then again… if I were trying to be competitive, it might take some of the fun out of it for me. Who knows. We’ll have to wait until next year to find out!

    Congrats again!

    1. You kicked ass! Seriously, you need to be nice to yourself. Or else. 😆

      You know, if you weren’t such a hooligan and getting pulled over by the cops and all – you might’ve done better 😉

  2. Wow… it’s beautiful. And what it represents is even greater. An achievement truly to be proud of.

    I know dozens of riders who say they plan to do this run every year and yet they never actually go. You did — and did it well. That gives you serious bragging rights.

      1. Yes, I have an interest, but not for bragging rights. I don’t do things to impress others; the event has to appeal to me on its own merits. The only thing holding me back from doing this run is scheduling; right now, I’m swamped at work and can’t squeeze anything fun into my life. Next year, certainly!

  3. I am loving the trophy. I’m so used to thinking of you as “Fuzzy” that seeing it on the trophy didn’t register in my brain. Of course, I am still half asleep, too. Now that you have pointed it out, I have to say it’s VERY cool. It’s like, by day you are Rachael and by night, Fuzzy Galore! 🙂

    All kidding aside, the trophy is very cool.

    I need to go grab a towel now to wipe up the coffee that shot out both nostrils after I read that Harley comment.

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