Non-Moto: Hipstamatic Holiday iPhone Photos from Fuzzygalore

Non-Moto: Hipstamatic Holiday iPhone Photos from Fuzzygalore

I’m always walking around with my iPhone in my pocket. Truth be told, one of the only reasons I got the iPhone was for it’s camera apps. I couldn’t care less about actually talking on the phone. Getting me to voluntarily do that is nothing short of pulling teeth.

My favorite camera app is Hipstamatic. With it’s funky framed films, light streaking and curious coloring, the app puts a kitschy spin on your (square) pictures that I happen to love.

The Big Duck Dressed for Christmas

Here are some holiday time Hipstamatic pics from Chez Galore and our little world:

click all pics to enlarge
Hipstamatic Fuzzygalore Holiday Blog Reindeer Fuzzygalore Blog Hipstamatic Holiday Luna Tree Fuzzygalore Hipstamatic Holiday Blog
7lbs of Pudding - Dressed for the Holidays Fuzzygalore Blog Hipstamatic Holiday Fuzzygalore Hipstamatic Domo Pink Christmas Tree
Fuzzygalore Hipstamatic Holiday Letters to Santa Mailbox Hipstamatic Hipstamatic Advent Calendar
Fuzzygalore Hisptamatic Holiday Fuzzygalore Vintage Elf Hipstamatic Christmas Fuzzygalore Hipstamatic Holiday Photos

Do you have a favorite iPhone camera app?

Hope you’re having a very merry December!

9 Replies to “Non-Moto: Hipstamatic Holiday iPhone Photos from Fuzzygalore”

  1. Thank you, both!

    TM – I think you’d have fun with taking snaps. There is no “nuts and bolts” of setting your camera up like you would with your dslr and i think that adds to the fun. Point and shoot – with a little bit of extra oomf 🙂

    Ralph –
    I believe I saw you zipping down the LIE heading west near exit 70 2 days ago. Blue BMW w red/black Vanson jacket. It was very windy and cold that day. It made me smile to see someone out braving the elements on two wheels and thinking that it was you gave me a little extra sense of pride.

  2. Nice effects!

    My favorite camera app is the old Camera+ before it was yanked from the app store by Apple. I just started playing with Instagram which has a lot of similar effects but adds a social component.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Richard 🙂

      They just released an update to Camera+. I read some positive reviews on it and grabbed it earlier this morning. It’s .99 for a limited time.

      I grabbed Instagram a week or so ago, but i just can’t seem to get in to it yet.

  3. Fuzzy, that was me! I’m always wearing my red/black Vanson and I had a court appearance in Riverhead so I took the BMW. I do that 100-mile trip almost every week. It was especially windy Tuesday but that goes with the territory.

    I love riding any time of the year in any conditions.

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