Billy Joel’s 20th Century Cycles – Oyster Bay, NY

Billy Joel’s 20th Century Cycles – Oyster Bay, NY

On Saturday, some of the guys and I stopped in to have a look around at Billy Joel’s newly opened motorcycle hang – 20th Century Cycles in Oyster Bay. Setup like a museum, the space is filled with 50 or 60 mostly vintage motorcycles. Marques like Royal Enfield, Vincent and Moto Guzzi sit rubbing elbows with the likes of Yamaha, Honda and Harley-Davidson.

Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles Oyster Bay NY

For the star seekers, Billy was on hand casually puttering around the space, chatting and posing for photos with those who asked.  Interestingly enough, as far as I could tell though the bikes were still the stars of the show. Some of them are like time capsules and I for one really appreciate him sharing the bikes with the motorcycle community.

Deus Sacred Cow Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles
Deus – Sacred Cow – W650 Custom Hardtail

I was fortunate enough to be there with someone who is a walking encyclopedia of vintage motorcycle information. I’m hoping that eventually some of his gems settle in to my flighty brain and I start retaining the wisdom he freely passes along. It’s pretty neat to be able to learn a thing or two about the bikes beyond “ooh, that one looks cool.”

Vincent Rapide Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles Royal Enfield Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles Yamaha XS 650 Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles

20th Century is a handsome space that features vintage signage, gas pumps and comfy chairs to take in the view.

Vintage Mobil Pegasus Sign Vintage Gas Pump - 20th Century Cycles BSA powered by W650 on lift 20th Century Cycles
BMW parked outside of 20th Century Cycles Harley-Davidson Trike Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles Billy Joel 20th Century Cycles Oyster Bay

The show outside created by the people visiting was just as interesting as what was going on behind the velvet ropes. For the first time in my life, I saw someone pull a 12:00 wheelie on what appeared to be a Sportster. The hooligan in me though that was pretty f’n cool.

Honda CB160 Cafe Racer
Honda CB160

Was it worth a look? Yes, definitely. It’s a nice venue for people to come together to chit-chat about bikes and kick tires.

Two Fuzzy Thumbs Up.

20th Century Cycles
101 Audrey Avenue
Oyster Bay, NY

30 Replies to “Billy Joel’s 20th Century Cycles – Oyster Bay, NY”

  1. Hey you got Tom’s mom in law and the fringe guy in the vintage Beemer photo… The only thing missing was the “Stones” shag guy…

    1. 😆 yea. I actually have her in a few pics.

      We officially call fringe guy “The Polisher”.

      I could not take my eyes of shag-man’s hair! The way he was flipping and primping it.. it was mesmerizing…

  2. Oh WOW! This is definitely going on my “to-do” list! I just have to overcome my aversion to driving through NYC to get there — I’ve done it before; but I can’t say that I was happy about it 🙂

    1. I went to Billy Joel’s museum with my son last Sunday. We arrived at 11am to find the dooor was locked, I was disappointed to see 6 people inside that didn’t acknowledge us at the door. The least they could have done was invite us in or come and explain why they were closed. I will not waste my time,gas,and tolls to go back there.

      1. maybe i will go back i just found out they are only open on SATURDAY 10-4 it would be nice if they had a sign telling us the hours

        1. Sorry to hear you had a bit of a headache getting there. I’m glad you finally got the hours sorted.

          One of my friends stopped by while they were working inside and they did get to go in and look around though they weren’t officially open. There were some different bikes on the floor from when they’d previously stopped in. So that is nice to know.

          Hope your next trip there is a happy one!

          Take care-

    1. I actually don’t mind riding the highways around NYC (other than hating the traffic). It may just be that I’m used to having to use those roads to get on and off the sandbar.

      High summer is the worst, though. If you don’t lane split, you will dehydrate and die before you make it to a toll booth.

      EZPass is your friend. Ride with the assumption that a) people don’t see you and b) they’re trying to kill you because c) both are true.

      Enjoy! 😆

  3. wendyvee, I understand the anxiety of riding city streets and highways (the potholes are often huge; the drivers are crazy; the congestion is nuts), so if you want to avoid it totally (and have plenty of time to travel) ride north around the city, go into Connecticut and catch a ferry from CT to LI. The ferry is a fun ride on the water and breaks up a trip.

  4. Nice post. Enjoyed the write-up and pics as well as the vintage Mobil sign!

    Explore the relationship between celebrities and motorcycles with David Morris, author of Motostars, on Nov.20th at noon EST on the Summit Your Life radio program on 1400 WSTC/1350 WNLK and streaming worldwide.

  5. just found out about Billy’s shop and my husband is a huge fan of both Billy and bikes so i’m gonna take him this saturday… hopefully we get to see Billy, that would be the icing on the cake!!!
    do you happen to recommend any places to eat around there???

    1. Awesome, May-
      I hope you guys have a great time and get to see Billy 🙂

      Though I myself have never eaten there – i’ve heard Taby’s Burger House is good. Its just ’round the corner from 20th Century.

  6. Went to check out the bikes and was not disappointed. The shop was not officially open but the door was not locked and I went in. Billy was there and was happy to describe the bikes. I think it is great that he is sharing his passion for motorcycles with the rest of us “BIKE NUTS”. But please,no smoke shows,wheelie clowns,or open pipe noise bullies. We must respect his neighbors. Remember what happened to Tuesday Night at Nathan’s.

    1. Yep – people need to police themselves and not act like assclowns if they want something like this to stay in the community.

      Glad you were able to visit the place. Some really lovely eye candy on display and a seemingly nice guy to boot!

  7. I’ve been bouncing around your site after being directed here when I googled the Cross Island Timed Road Run. I’m leaving Binghamton on April 30 for a month long trip. When I heard the timed run was on May 2, I decided to start there. I will now add a stop at 20th Century Cycles on Saturday and spend the night in the area for the run on Sunday. As you mentioned in your blog last year, I stand a better chance of winning since Robert won’t be competing like he does the Crotona Run. I wanted to beat him at the Crotona this year. I was sorry to hear of his mishap.

    1. Sorry, Keith-

      Had a little hiccup on the server yesterday. I know you left another comment after this one but… it’s gone out in to the ether.

      Sounds like you’re going to have yourself a great month of vagabonding. I would be lying if i said i wasn’t jealous. I’ve never been to Key West. I’d like to see that one day.

      Do you have a blog/website where you park your photos so that we can “ride along”?

  8. I’m not ambitious enough to maintain a blog. I am currently getting things together to be able to post pictures somewhere from the road. I still have a briefcase cell phone so I’m not exactly sure how to do that. (Not really but close) I should be up to speed by May.

  9. My band usually plays the Oyster Bay Cruise Night in the summer and we set up right around the corner from his place. In the last 5 years I’ve been there twice, the remaining three it was closed but I’ve never had the chance to meet him. I’ve been trying to so that I could maybe get him as a guest on the Motorcycle Men Podcast. Maybe this year.

    1. I saw him there the first time I stopped in. He’s a tiny man 🙂

      Send up a flair if your band is gonna play there this summer. I’ll stop over and make faces at you in the crowd 🙂

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