Sights from the Road: Zoom in for Zombies

Sights from the Road: Zoom in for Zombies

At first glance nothing really seems out of place here in this photo. It’s nothing more than a road stretching out over a hill. Why would anyone take a photo of something so ordinary?
Creepy Doll House Spotted on the Road

Well, if you happen to zoom in,  my darlings – you’d see that strange things are afoot in this seemingly innocuous house.

Creepy Dolls in the Window

In general I find dolls kind of creepy but this takes the cake! It’s like some kind of prison for zombie children. That second one on the right dressed like a pink fairy seems especially menacing. Braaaaaains…

Am I off base here? Does anyone actually find these dolls cute and charming or do you too think they’re hellbent on sucking out your grey matter when you turn your back?

10 Replies to “Sights from the Road: Zoom in for Zombies”

  1. That gets the creepy vote from me! I do have a friend who collects dolls that may have a different opinion, but she doesn’t like motorcycles … Ha-ha!

  2. Driving past that house was totally creepy, you don’t get the true effect from the pics. It was like some kind of ‘children of the corn’ wierd nightmare.

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