Sights from the Road: World’s Largest Telephone

Sights from the Road: World’s Largest Telephone

If you’re looking for a 1-2 punch of good riding and interesting roadside attractions, Maine has a lot to offer. Just a hop skip and a jump from a 3 story outhouse, a giant butterfly sculpture and down the road a piece from Rumford’s Paul Bunyan Muffler Man is the World’s Largest Telephone. It is a 14 foot tall statue of a hand-cranked candlestick model.

World's Largest Telephone Bryant Pond, Maine

World's Largest Telephone Plaque Bryant Pond Maine

Plaque Reads:
“This sculpture by Gil Whitman is dedicated to the memory of Barbara & Elden Hathaway owners of the Bryant Pond Telephone Company the very last hand crank magneto telephone system in the U.S.A. They purchased the company in 1951 and operated it from their home as a family business until selling it to the Oxford Network Company in 1981, when it was integrated into the national dial system.”

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  1. How did I miss this on our recent trip to “Vacationland?!” So much fun!! To think that my BlackBerry is about one-millionth the size of this!

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