2009 in Review: 6 of My Favorite Motorcycle Rides

2009 in Review: 6 of My Favorite Motorcycle Rides

When most years come to a close and I take stock of my time riding I always arrive at the same sentiment. I didn’t ride as much as I wanted to. Well, as I sit here on the last day of 2009 it is no different. I didn’t ride as much as I’d have liked to. But, the riding that I did do was pretty great.

6 of My Favorite Motorcycle Rides from 2009

I can’t wait to see where the road takes us in 2010!

Pennsylvania Farm

5 Replies to “2009 in Review: 6 of My Favorite Motorcycle Rides”

  1. I’m thoroughly impressed that you can remember some of your rides this past year… I must be suffering from an early onset of alzheimer’s or something.

    To the best of foggy morning recollection, my top rides for 09′ were –

    – The last ride in the long series of rides (for that season) that I organized and dubbed “Spring Training Rides”… it was during this particular ride that I last achieved being “in the zone”.

    – I hate to say it but my first and only attempt at an IBA style ride… I experienced everything from joy to downright suicidal misery. Will I do it again? Probably.

    – The 2 short roads trips that I did. One solo to New England, and the other with my friend Tom. Both trips were filled with massive amounts of twisted roads and I have many fond memories.

    – And of course the SU group ride. This ride is memorable for me for a lot reasons, the biggest being that I got to ride with you and Crud. I was pretty nervous about riding with you guys mostly because I didn’t want to come off like I rode like a complete jackass… I was on my best behavior 🙂

  2. I’m glad we made the top 6 Fuzz! It was certainly a pleasure meeting you and the Crud that day. Hope we helped you get past your group riding willies. That was by far the biggest group ever and it went without a hitch!

    My best rides this year? Well

    1. My trip to Montreal, even though I took a severe beat down from some locals. The ride back through upstate and VT around Lake Champlain was amaze.
    2. A group ride out through PA where we just ripped it up on some great roads, as well as some shenanigans on the way home.
    3. A solo ride through the skills and PA where I found the best organic ice cream in the middle of no where.

    And that’s all I can remember right now. I concur, I wish I did more riding this year. Happy New Year.

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