“Pink” Triumph Speed Triple Motorcycle: Hot or Not?

“Pink” Triumph Speed Triple Motorcycle: Hot or Not?

According to Triumph, they have never made a pink motorcycle. Since the year 2000 they have however made Nuclear Red motorcycles. Which if you’re playing along at home look decidedly… pink. Something about that strikes me as very Seinfeld-y.

Jerry: “It’s not a purse! It’s European!”

2002 Nucelar Red Triumph Speed Triple
2002 Nuclear Red Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph’s website boasts: “The Speed triple is tougher than ever and determined to defend its rightful position as the definitive factory streetfighter.” That sounds pretty butch, pretty manly to me. And in our very scientific research we’ve already determined that there is no such thing as a girl’s bike. 8) So with that I ask you, especially you blokes –

  • Would you buy the “pink” Triumph?

20 Replies to ““Pink” Triumph Speed Triple Motorcycle: Hot or Not?”

  1. @Fuzzy, I’m hoping that I become a regular here, so I’m trying to comment a smuch as I can on the things I CAN comment on being a (for the moment) non rider. hehe.

  2. Pimmie is fast enough to rock the pink Triple. The laughing lasts only as far as the first corner and then it’s Pimmie who’s laughing. πŸ˜‰

  3. Today’s Speed Triple in pink? If I were 20 years younger, sure. The 02-03? I don’t think so. Too much tailsection for a bright, mono color scheme. I’d say pink as an accent color would work, but that just reminds me of the garish late 80’s/early-90’s paint schemes.

    My next bike or repaint will be basic black. Lime green and gray hair don’t play well together! πŸ™‚

    1. I too have too much tail section, Pinto. That doesn’t stop me from wearing bright colors πŸ˜†

      Maybe you should just stick to wearing a rainbow wig, then you wouldn’t have to repaint your bike πŸ˜‰

      For the record… i LOVE pink. I love the “pink” S3.
      If they offered it in 05 when I bought mine, I would probably have bought it. Unless they offered the Roulette Green then as well. Then I would have spontaneously combusted from the dilemma.

  4. Love my 02 pink triple, bought it from a very butch man who added lots of tweeky bits and some union jacks to make it more manly !

  5. I waited 14 years to add this particular coloured Speed Triple to my 3 bike stable. The “touch up paint” colour which perfectly matches it is from Priceline and labelled “magenta”. It is a metallic type finish in sunlight and doesn’t look pink in all lights. However, you can all call it pink and I don’t feel gender threatened in any way

  6. I test rode the S3 at a rally (British in the Blue Ridge) in 2002 when I couldn’t afford it and they put me on the “Nuclear Red” version. Wasn’t crazy about the color but didn’t hate it because it was an S3!! Flash forward 16 years later, I’ve always wanted the early S3. And, as much as the black is cool, I want it in the “Nuclear Red” version because it is so off the wall and daring of Triumph to do (like that Bug Eyed Headlight scheme) in typical Triumph fashion back in the early days of their development. The “Nuclear Red” was very Punk Rock for its time and still is.

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