Motorcycle Travel Pictures: 6 Bridges from Away

Motorcycle Travel Pictures: 6 Bridges from Away

Throgs Neck BridgeSome people are perfectly content to live their lives in the same town, in the same city. My great aunt lived on the same street her whole life. 75+ years on the same block! I on the other hand am plagued with a nagging wanderlust. I want to be moving all the time. This often presents a problem because I can’t just pick up and leave any time I want to. Perhaps those are the very things that keep small moments away on the bike feeling special. The dangling carrot is always so delicious.


Living on an island, as I do means I’m always crossing the water to get away. Be it just for the day or for a week – when my wheels roll across a bridge I know I will be going to a place that I am not from. There is something exciting about that for me.

6 Bridge Photos from my Travels:

Piermont, New Hampshire
Piermont, NH
New River Gorge, West Virginia
New River Gorge, WV
Grand Isle, Vermont
Grand Isle, VT
PCH, California
San Francisco, California
San Francisco, CA
Missouri River, South Dakota
Missouri River, SD

5 Replies to “Motorcycle Travel Pictures: 6 Bridges from Away”

  1. New River Gorge was CRAZY! I remember thinking it looked out of place, too large, almost fake in scale.

    Missouri river, the wind! Oh the wind. I’m still tired from that jaunt.

    The PCH pic just makes me want to go back there right now.

  2. “The PCH pic just makes me want to go back there right now.”

    Me too….and what’s with the fat kid on the bridge into San Francisco? … his tire looks low.

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